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APRIL 2017
Dear Mission Supporters and Friends:

We just returned home a few weeks ago from our mission trip to Nicaragua with 3 of the Charis Bible Colleges. The team consisted of CBC Charlotte, CBC Plymouth and CBC Gardner and some of our Ambassador’s staff. We are so grateful that these extension schools go with us every March to Nicaragua. The people love them and we do too. It’s exciting to see many of the people going on the mission field for the first time in their lives. The mission field takes them out of their comfort zone and into something brand new. Many of the CBC students return to the USA with a new appreciation and desire to do more for the Kingdom of God.

Ministers and Leaders meeting in Managua, Nicaragua:

On the first day of ministry for the team we had a ministers/leaders meeting at our main church in Managua. The place was full; the attendance was over 350-400 people including over 70 ministers. We had 3 people speak from the 3 Charis Bible Schools (Leonard, Walter, and Ken). They did great sharing the Word. Poncho and Chocolita, our 2 clowns had the pastors laughing like crazy. The Charis Bible College of Plymouth did a powerful drama called Spirit, Soul, and Body. Then the whole team prayed for the ministers. We saw many healed that day. One of our pastors had been sick for over 10 months. Raul, one of our team members prayed for her and we know her body is healed and getting stronger every day. Afterwards, we gave every minister a book in Spanish by Andrew Wommack and Pastor Dean Melton and fed them a hot meal. It was a tremendous day. The joy of the Lord in worship was so awesome. All the team loved it.

Ministry in a new village in Nicaragua:

On this trip our Nicaraguan pastor, Daniel Ortega, took us to minister in a new village called San Francisco. It was about 1 hour further out from our Las Maderas school and about 2 1/2 hours from Managua where we stay. Pastor Daniel has family there and he had not seen them for 35 years. The area is very primitive and most of the people make their living from farming and livestock. Most of the families live in shacks with outhouse type bathrooms. It reminded us of Las Maderas about 20 years ago when we first started our church and school there. The team performed dramas, puppets, clowning, shared the Gospel, prayed for people, and blessed the children with toy gift bags. We also gave out bags of groceries and shoes. I was talking to one of the ladies in the village and she told me: “no one ever comes out here to see or help us”. She was so thankful that we came. We went to 2 areas in San Francisco to minister that day. At the second place, we set up a medical clinic and prayed and treated over 50 patients in a few hours. The kids went crazy over the clowns and dramas. We put on worship music and spent some time worshiping with the children. It was so powerful. There is such a big need there in San Francisco. We are praying and talking about putting a feeding and Bible training station out there. It would cost us about $300 a month to do the program and around $4000.00 to put up a shelter to feed under. We will let you know if or when this happens. We know if God provides for this, it would be a HUGE blessing.

Ministry at our Christian School in Nicaragua:

We always take the teams to our Christian schools so that they can be a part of what God is doing in the lives of our students. Our schools just started in February for the new school year for 2017. This year we have the largest enrollment ever, with an increase of almost 400 new students. All the schools look so great. We have been able to remodel and add bathrooms to our Managua and Ometepe preschool classrooms. We added new bathrooms, storage rooms, put drop ceilings in 2 classrooms with new fans and a new office at our Managua school and church. We were able to remodel our playground and bathrooms at our Ometepe school. Also at our Ometepe school, we just started the next upstairs classroom this past week and will remodel the classroom under the new upstairs room during this time. Also, at our Las Maderas school we will be starting on the roof/shelter between our classrooms in the next few weeks. We still need about $4000.00 for that project. As you can read, we are growing and things are going very well. The CBC students really enjoyed ministering to our students. We saw a lot of our teenage students receive from the Lord in a powerful way. We are so thankful for the CBC students sharing and spending time with our youth. They will be graduating soon and they will be the mouthpiece of God for their nation.

Special thanks to the Charis Bible Colleges:

We want to say a big thank you to the 3 CBC extension schools for all the school supplies, toys, books in Spanish by Andrew Wommack, Bibles, balloons, crafts, and offerings you gave to bless Nicaragua. They ministered to almost 3000 people during their trip in 7 different cities in Nicaragua. They have given to build homes, gave to school projects and many sponsor children in our schools. We appreciate your love and help so much.

Easter Container in Nicaragua:

Our Easter container that we shipped in February is in Managua waiting to be released. We believe to have it by our next trip on April 21-28. That way the next teams will be able to bless the children with all the Easter gift packages we made for them thanks to your help. It will be a time of celebrating our risen Lord and blessing our students.

Birthday Container Time for Nicaragua and 2017 Children’s Updates:

It is already that time for the birthday care boxes and packages to be made. We like to do a big birthday celebration at all our schools in Nicaragua during our August trip. We need to ship the birthday container by June 9th. If you would like to make the child(ren) you sponsor with us a birthday care box, please see the enclosed slip for the information and send it with the box. When you are making it, please see the instructions on the back of the slip for details and send them to us by or before May 27th. We are suggesting a donation of $12-15 to assist us in covering the cost of the birthday care boxes for the children in our schools. Please be sure to look at the enclosed 2017 updated children’s sponsorship with us. There could be changes to the child(ren) you sponsor. We are so thankful for your continual love and support for these children. It is forever changing their lives.

Mexico and Philippines Children’s Programs:

Last month, we shared with you that it was that time of the year to raise money for our feeding programs in the Philippines and our afterschools in Mexico. We are so thankful for your giving to help us with these programs. So far we have raised $13,920.00. This is a tremendous help. At our programs, the children are trained in the Word and fed a hot meal. It is amazing to see the changes that Jesus is doing in these children’s lives. We could not do all this without wonderful giving partners. We love you all dearly and pray for continual abundance in your lives.

Reaching the Nations,

Darey and Karen Jolley