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Dear Mission supporters and Friends,

The New Year is off to a wonderful start. Our Christmas trip to Nicaragua was awesome. This Christmas, some of our staff members were able to take their children on the mission’s field for the first time. Todd, our Director of Operations, and his wife Melissa, who oversees Data Entry, were able to take all their children. They have Brandon, their biological son and 5 adopted children ranging in ages from 6-12 years old. Brandon has been traveling with us since he was very young. Todd’s dad, which is my brother, Mike and his wife Laurie got to go too. It was a big family event. We want to thank one of our partners for giving to make this dream come true for them. It was a MIRACLE!! They had the time of their lives and are ready to go again. Also, Rosella, our Recreation Director for missions was able to take her whole family. She has 1 daughter and 2 boys. Another of our partners asked if he could give for them to go. It was just amazing. Rosella’s mom, Annette who is a Charis Bible College graduate and another grandchild of hers came on the trip too. It felt like a FAMILY trip. It was a great joy to see all the children, young people and adults serving, giving, loving, and celebrating Christmas together in Nicaragua. Our Christmas team consisted of 50 people from many different places. We appreciate this team going during Christmas to be a part of over 3000 lives being touched with the Gospel.

Special time with 2016 Graduates:

We were so honored to get to meet with our 2016 graduates from our Christian schools from Managua, Ometepe and Las Maderas. We had 43 graduates this year. We were able to give them their diplomas, trophies, Class of 2016 T-shirts, books in Spanish and offerings. We spent time speaking into their lives for their future and prayed for them to “GO” forth and be the mouth piece of God to Nicaragua and the Nations. Our youth graduate in the 11th grade in Nicaragua. If you sponsor an 11th grader, you will be receiving their cap and gown group picture. When we do the children’s updates for 2017, you will receive a new child to sponsor. We appreciate your faithfulness to give to make a difference in the lives of these young people. We know they have received a good education, but more importantly they have heard the “Good news of the Gospel”.

Christmas Care Box Distribution:

We are so thankful that our Christmas container for Nicaragua was released early this year. We had all our care boxes, toy gift bags, new shoes, clothes, etc. for our trip to be a HUGE blessing for Christmas. We were able to give the care boxes to the students during our trip. BOY OH BOY, were they excited and ready! Even though our schools are on break during December and January, most of our students were able to come for the Christmas celebration we had at every school. The team performed dramas, crafts, sang, danced, shared the Word, prayed, gave, and loved on the students. When we gave the care boxes out the children were jumping, shouting, and going crazy with excitement. We love seeing their little faces when they receive the gifts because for many of them those may be the only gifts they receive for Christmas. It is just SUCH JOY!! I sat in one of our preschool classrooms at our Managua School watching the children opening the care boxes. I became overwhelmed with such happiness watching the JOY of these little children so blessed because of loving partners, like you, that would go the “EXTRA MILE” for them to receive a Christmas care box. They would hold the toys up and shout to one another: “look, look, look what I got”. It was just so PRECIOUS!! Thanks partners for your love and faithfulness!! We were able to get a lot of pictures of the children getting their care boxes. Some of the children’s pictures we missed because they were out of town and we had a little camera problem. However, we did get around 90% of the pictures and we will mail them out over the next few weeks.

Street Ministry to 1000’s of People:

We had some tremendous street meetings for our Christmas trip. One on the island of Ometepe at a big open baseball field, we had the most awesome street ministry. We had around 400 people that came out. Our team shared the Gospel through dramas, puppets, preaching, praying, and loving on the people. We prayed for a lot of sick people. Dr. Tom, our dentist, with some of the team members prayed for a lady in a wheelchair who had not walked for years. She got up out of the wheelchair and started walking. It was so powerful! We saw a lot of people healed. At the end, we gave out lots of toy gift bags, shoes, bags of groceries and money. The people were so blessed. We also had another large street meeting at a little village in Granada that we call “Gnat Village”, because little gnats are everywhere. The people are so poor. When they saw our buses coming, the children came running from everywhere. We had about 400-500 in about 5 minutes that came out for the event. You could tell they were so happy to see us. It was on Christmas day and our last meeting of the trip, we blessed their socks off. We know that most of those little children did not even realize it was Christmas. We know God had us there to lavish them with love!! We prayed for so many more sick people. They kept telling us, thank you, thank you for coming. We praise God for being at the right place in God’s perfect timing.

New Dental Clinic at our Las Maderas School:

We are thrilled to let you know that we have our new first permanent dental clinic ready at our Las Maderas School. We took one of our buildings and remodeled it for the clinic. It is beautiful!! In the front area is the Medical Clinic and the back area is the Dental Clinic. We put in drop ceilings, new floor tiles, new sink, and air conditioning in the dental area for Dr. Tom. We can leave all the equipment set up and ready for every time the clinic is open. We are so thankful to Dr. Tom and others for helping us make this happen. Also, we appreciate Reynold’s Marble Company for giving for a long time now for us to buy medicine and pay our Nicaraguan Doctor, Dr. Ivania every month. God has given us such amazing people to help. Our plan over the next few months is to set up the second permanent Dental/Medical Clinic at our school on the Island of Ometepe. We have met a couple from Raleigh that went on this trip and they have a desire to help us raise the finances for all of this. We are grateful to Ronnie and RoseAnn for God putting our missions on their hearts. This trip some of our team members Brenda, Alice, Mary, Sharmika and Kenny helped in the Clinics by checking blood pressures, assisting, and cleaning the dental utensils and more. They were able to pray for a lot of patients before they were seen by Dr. Ivania or Dr. Tom. We thank God for our Clinics. They are helping a lot of people.

Water Purifier Ministry:

We were blessed to have Chris and Rebecca, Charis Bible College graduates, go to Nicaragua again with us at Christmas. They have started a ministry to help poor people have purified water. They have been raising money to buy the filters and buckets to bless families and some of our schools/feeding programs. On this trip they were able to share with the people how they work and how to put them together. They were able to give many away so the people will have purified water that will be free of bacteria and parasites. We are so thankful for this great blessing. Our desire is to help more families in the future.

2nd Floor Addition and Remodeling at our Ometepe School:

During our visit to our school on the Island of Ometepe, we were able to show the team our new 2nd floor addition to our school. Right now, we have finished 2 of the 3 rooms upstairs on one side of the school. Also 2 of the older classrooms downstairs are being remodeled. We have another room to build upstairs and remodel downstairs on that one side to complete that area. Then on the other side of one school, we have 3 more rooms upstairs to build and 3 more of the older classrooms to remodel. We still have a lot of work to do but right now because of God’s faithfulness and such tremendous partners, we have enough money raised already to do 3 more of the new classrooms and the remodeling of the older classrooms. Some of our partners will help us with our preschool on the Island of Ometepe that needs to be remodeled and add 2 bathrooms . They gave to help meet the need of this project. The whole school is getting a complete makeover. YEAH!!!! Partners, you are the BEST!! We appreciate you so much!!

Easter Container for Nicaragua:

The Easter container for Nicaragua is coming up very soon. We have been packing special toy gift bags for every one of our students. If you would like to make a special care box for the child(ren) you sponsor, you can. But we are not asking you to do that this time since we are making one for every student, unless you really want too. Because we have to send this container so early to get it to Nicaragua for our April trip, we have to ship by February 17th. If you really want to send your care box, you would have to get it to us with the packing list by February 14th. If you would like to give to help us with the shipping, that would be a great blessing. The container we are shipping will have a lot of school supplies, teacher’s desks, new student chairs, cabinets, Easter care packages, 1200-1500 pairs of new shoes, and more. You will have another opportunity to send a care box in May for the child(ren) you sponsor for their birthday. We will let you know more about that in April’s newsletter.

Tax Receipt for 2016 enclosed:

Your 2016 tax receipt from us is enclosed. If there are any problems with your tax receipt please call or email Todd Melton, our Director of Operations and he can take care of it. If you sponsor a child in the name of your child or grandchild, but you pay the support in your name, you will receive the tax receipt, not the child or grandchild. Todd’s email is ambassadorstothenations2@gmail.com. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making 2016 the BIGGEST year of missions we have ever had in the HISTORY of our missions. We have received more finances, seen more lives changed for Jesus, and done more projects than ever before. We give all the GLORY to our loving Father and you, our wonderful partners. Your continual love and giving makes all this possible. We love you Dearly!!

Reaching the nations,

Darey and Karen Jolley