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Dear Mission Supporters and Friends:

By the time you get this newsletter, we will be in Nicaragua finishing our Christmas mission trip and heading back to the USA to celebrate the New Year. 2016 went by so fast. It has been the most tremendous year we have had in ministry. We saw so many people healed, salvations, growth in our missions and financial miracles. Every year, it gets better and better. That is the faithfulness of our God!! Also, God has given us such wonderful partners. We are so grateful for everything you do for us to help us touch so many nations. This year we could help more people and more nations. It just keeps GROWING!! We know God has more for 2017!! We want to see more people come to know God’s grace and unconditional love. When we get home from our Christmas trip, we will be sharing Christmas care box pictures, Ometepe School project pictures, house projects, testimonies and more. We appreciate your prayers.

Graduations and Promotions at our Schools in Nicaragua:

Pastor Daniel, our main pastor in Nicaragua sent us some beautiful pictures of the Senior graduations, plus the preschool and 6th grade promotions at our schools. We are so very proud of our graduates. We look forward to having our mission team meeting with our graduates to bless and pray over them for their futures. We know God is going to use them to help touch Nicaragua and other Nations with the good news of the gospel. We will be sending out graduation pictures to everyone that had an 11th grader (that is the grade they graduate in Nicaragua) sometime in January. Please continue to pray for the graduates as many of them go on to attend the Universities in Nicaragua.

Celebration of the Nations Event:

Every year, we have a gathering of our Freedom Christian Center churches, with our partners that live in North and South Carolina, at Assembly of Faith Church in Dallas, NC with Pastor Bobby Ray. It is a time to share the projects and what God is doing in our missions through showing a DVD. Plus, we bless our Freedom Pastors and staff with Christmas gifts. This year, Poncho (Todd), did a special clown show for fun too. Then they gave Darey and I a very special gift from our staff and home church. It was 2 tickets to the Duke Basketball game at Duke, plus a box full of Duke items like sweat shirts, gloves, hats, blankets, etc. Darey has wanted to go to a Duke basketball game at Duke his whole life. So, this was such a BIG SURPRISE!! We are so grateful for this blessing. We will go to the game in between our travels in February. Thanks, wonderful Ambassador’s Staff and our home church for fulfilling Darey’s dream. That night at the event we sponsored more children and were given over $3500.00 in offerings for projects. We appreciate the Freedom Churches, that our pastor, Dean Melton oversees.

Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado:

We were blessed to get to go to Charis Bible College of Woodland Park to teach at the mission school, night school and share at chapel the first week of December. We went to Charis Christian Center with Pastor Lawson to share and set our display table up. It was an awesome 5 days. We got to teach the future missionaries on some good practical aspects of missions, how to market your missions, teaching the Bible with object lessons to work with children and about raising and saving money. We love sharing over 27 years of experience that we have been doing in missions to the students. Then we shared at night school and did chapel for the first and second year students. We showed the movie that was made about Pastor Daniel, our main pastor in Nicaragua and our missions in Nicaragua. They loved it. If you have never seen the movie, you can go to VIMEO and search “Taking every thought captive” and you will be able to watch it. It was amazing how the students of Charis Bible College and Pastor Lawson blessed our missions. We sponsored 180 children and received $1000’s of dollars in offerings for our missions. We are so very thankful for this opportunity. We love and appreciate Andrew Wommack Ministries and all their staff for the wonderful help.

“Inside Story” with Andrew Wommack:

We are so excited to share with you the great blessing that Andrew Wommack Ministries did for our missions. Andrew’s ministry does stories on his website on different people and ministries. Well they asked us in October during our visit to Colorado to be interviewed by Andrew Wommack about our missions. What a BLESSING!! So now it is ready!! They did a wonderful job with all the footage and pictures of our missions that is shown while Andrew is interviewing us. We are so thankful to Ron and Karen Bereit for all the hard work they did on the story. We are especially grateful for all the love and help from Andrew and Jamie Wommack. Please go to awmi.net and scroll down on the website until you see “Inside Story”. You will see us sitting with Andrew with the flags of the Nations behind us. Please share with others about this.

Big Blessing from Samaritan’s Purse (Operation Christmas Child):

Every year, for at least 18 years, we have received a big donation of items from Operation Christmas Child with Franklin Graham. They have items that they do not ship in their care boxes that are new that they give to other missions. They give us 8-10 pallets worth of items like shampoo, nail polish, lotions, bubbles, some toys, snack items, and more for our missions. It is so AWESOME!! It is worth around $15,000-$20,000.00 for all these items. We can use all of this to have special items to go into our care packages for the next packing time. God’s favor is so amazing!! This makes our hearts leap with JOY to know we can bless the children with more things.

Shoe Project for people in need:

We appreciate so much the donations we are receiving for the “Shoe Project” we share about every year in the newsletter. One of the best items that we buy and bless people with in the Nations are shoes. Many of the countries we work in are so poor that a lot of the people do not have shoes. Most people only have flip flops. So, a nice pair of shoes for school, work, church, etc. is a big blessing to receive. We use items like shoes to give out after we preach the gospel. We are blessing them spiritually and physically. Every year, we give out around 10,000 pairs of new shoes with your help. Right now, because of your love and help in the past 3 weeks we have taken in over $7000.00 for shoes. We have already been out buying shoes from Payless and other stores from $1.50-$5.00 a pair to be ready for our next shipments to Mexico in January, Philippines in January, and Nicaragua in February. We know more will be coming in over the next months. Partners, thank you for always going the extra mile.

New School Year in Nicaragua:

Our schools in Nicaragua just ended for the 2016 school year. What a powerful year we had with all the students. They are on break until the end of January. Then the new school year will begin the first week of February. However, as the school year ended, we have already been preparing for the new school year. It takes a lot of finances to start the new school year that the monthly $10.00 support is not enough to cover. The 2 major things needed every new school year are: 1000’s of new text books for the students and reregistering our feeding programs with the government. We pay around $10,000.00 for text books for around 1200 students. Then we pay the government of Nicaragua $7500.00 for our schools to get food for the full year. They really provide the food free, so the money covers the transportation of the food for the whole year to our schools. It is a great blessing and a miracle that we get to be a part of this program. It is mostly just for certain public schools. It cost around $17,500.00 every year to do all of this to get started again. We appreciate your love and help with all we do to educate these children and youth. It is because of your continual giving that these children’s lives are being changed forever.

End of the Year Tax Record:

We are still finishing the end of the year tax records to be mailed out by January 30th. We will be sending the tax records out in the next newsletter around January 20th. That way, you will receive them by January 30th. If you need them before that time, please call the office for help or email us at ambassadorstothenations2@gmail.com . Thanks for making 2016 the BEST year ever for our missions. So many lives are being touched with the gospel because of your generosity. We love you all dearly. We pray that 2017 to be the greatest year of your life!!

Reaching the Nations,

Darey and Karen Jolley