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JULY 2017
Dear Mission Supporters and Friends:

We hope you are having a wonderful summer. We just got home from Acuna, Mexico a few days ago. We had an amazing trip with an amazing team. We had 40 people go with us from 4 different churches (Epic Church- Gastonia, NC, Arise Church- Cumming, Georgia, Maranatha Christian Fellowship Church- Luling, TX, and Freedom Christian Center- Charlotte, NC). For many of the team, it was their first mission trip. They came so well prepared and ready to work for the Kingdom of God. Some preached, some did skits, others did worship, and everyone prayed for the people. Every day the temperature was over 100 degrees but the team never complained or stop ministering to the people. The anointing of God and unity on this team was powerful.

Senior Citizen’s Ministries in Acuna, Mexico:

One of our favorite things to do on the mission field in Acuna, Mexico is the ministry we do with the elderly. We have been helping 2 senior Nursing homes for years. It is such an honor to go love and pray for the seniors in the Nursing homes. The sad thing is, many of them are never visited. We spent a lot of time with them this trip. We also have a Senior feeding program that on every Tuesday, the seniors are able to bring their family for a special service. The team was able to minister to the grandchildren first with skits and puppets. The seniors loved it too. Then Chip, one of the team members from a new church that went with us shared the word. He did a wonderful job. Then the team prayed for many of the seniors to be healed. One senior asked for prayer for being an alcoholic. He said he knew that day he was delivered. After prayer, the team served everyone a nice hot meal. We blessed all the seniors with special gift bags and a bag of groceries to take home. The last senior place we helped was an adult day care at the public gymnasium in Acuna. This is one of our favorite places. The seniors are all able bodied that come to do activities together every day. They were so excited we came to be with them. We sang, did skits, had them laughing and Dick, one of our team members that is in his 70’s ministered to the seniors. He encouraged them on how much God loves them and to never give up. It was a tremendous word. Then we prayed for many of them. We could see the joy in their faces after prayer. Our team blessed many of them with some of the shoes we were able to get across the border, plus a gift bag. We also blessed them with some money. They just kept saying thank you, thank you for always coming. We praise God for our ministry to the senior citizens. It is one of the best outreaches we have in our missions.

After-schools in Acuna, Mexico:

In Acuna, Mexico, we have 2 after-school programs with about 160 children. In the programs, the staff teaches the word, does worship, homework, crafts, teaches music lessons, games, field trips and gives the children a hot meal. The children’s lives are truly being changed. Our team was able to go and spend hours with the children. The children love when our clowns come, which are Poncho(Todd) and Chocolita (Katherine) who are our staff and travel as our full-time missionaries. Now we just hired a new missionary and staff member named Alexandria. All 3 of them are so great with the children. We are excited to have them all. Some of the other team members that came on this trip, sang, taught a Bible object lesson, did skits and loved on the children. It was a wonderful time. We made and shipped nice big gift packages for all the children in the programs. They were loving the special gifts. Thanks partners for giving to make this possible.

New After-school in Acuna, Mexico:

Our main pastor in Acuna, Mexico, Pastor Oscar Olguin, helped to start a branch church a few years ago, that we have been working together with them. Pastor Javier, is the pastor over this church and he is doing a great job. In that area, are so many children. We have decided to start a new after-school program for the new church. We have the land to build and during the trip, we received a call from one of our partners that wanted to give to help us with a project. We told him about the need to build the new after-school building. He was excited to hear about the new after-school. He told us, he is sending the check to cover it. God provided for the new after-school before we came home. Then the team from The Arise Church, that was with us, gave us an offering during the trip that will cover the tables, and chairs. Our goal is to have the building built and ready to start for the new school year. In Mexico, their school year runs from September to July. We will need to raise the monthly support to pay the staff, cover the food, supplies, plus the electric and water bill. That will be around $400.00 a month. We know God will provide. We know that if we reach the children with the gospel, we can reach the nation.

Ministry time at the New Church and After-school in Acuna, Mexico:

We were able to go minister at the church where the new after-school will be built. We had an outside meeting because we had so many people come, we could not fit in the church. There were a lot of young people and children. Tim, the leader from The Arise Church named ministered that night. He shared with them about slaying the giants in their lives and be like David in the Bible; for them to be full of God’s strength and power. Then he had the youth come forward to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It was so awesome to see the children and youth receiving the power of God in their lives. We also saw a man healed of Parkinson’s disease. When he came he was shaking so bad he could hardly walk. But when he walked away, he was doing great. It was a supernatural night.

Update on Projects in Nicaragua:

Our schools and projects in Nicaragua are doing great. We are finishing the BIG roof /shelter between our classrooms at our Las Maderas School. It is going to be a big blessing to the school from all the hot sun and all the rain during rainy season for 6 months out of the year. In Las Maderas School, we have also bought the big bus for transporting some of the students. We will now be running 3 buses at that school. About an hour from Las Maderas, we are building the new feeding program shelter, storage and bathrooms in San Francisco, Nicaragua. Plus finishing 2 homes we built in the new area for 2 families living in shacks that will be a part of our new feeding program. We are also building a new home for our Director of our Ometepe School upstairs on one of our buildings. Then we will be remodeling that lower building to be a new dental/medical clinic. We will then have a permanent dental/medical clinic at our Las Maderas and Ometepe Schools. It is going to be really nice. Dr. Tom, our dentist from the USA that travels with us, has worked hard with the help of some friends to get a lot of new dental equipment donated and bought. As you see things are moving along really great. It is because of all the loving partners that God has given us, that we are able to do all of this in the nations.

Projects in other Nations:

We don’t talk a lot about all the other programs and projects we are doing in other nations. We have been building homes in the Philippines this past year with our missionary, Moses. Then with David, another missionary, that graduated from CBC in another part of the Philippines, we are building a new after-school/feeding program. Then in Jamaica, we are building a new church with the pastor we work with, Pastor Prince. God has put on our hearts to reach the Nations, through reaching the children. We appreciate your continual love and help that enables us to be able to share God’s message of His unconditional love and grace.

Upcoming Events:

September 10-15, is our Annual Camp Meeting in Charlotte, NC with Andrew Wommack at our home church, Freedom Christian Center. During the Camp Meeting on Wednesday morning, September 13th, we will have our Annual mission’s golf tournament. We need sponsors for the holes/tees and players. Please go to our website to sponsor or to play. You can sponsor a hole without playing. ambassadorstothenations.com All information is on the website under events. We love and appreciate you all.

Reaching the nations,