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JUNE 2017
Dear Mission Supporters and Friends,

The Presence of the Lord Healed the Sick everywhere our mission team went in Nicaragua. The Charis Bible College students of Colorado, Michigan and Belize came expecting to see MIRACLES and the people’s lives have been forever CHANGED. That is exactly what happened too!! It was so powerful. We want to share some of the great testimonies and what took place during our last mission trip to Nicaragua.

New Feeding Program in San Francisco experiences the God of Miracles:

The month of March, was our first time going to San Francisco, Nicaragua, an extremely poor area. As soon as we left we knew that God put in our hearts to start a program in this village to feed the children and to teach them the Word. So, on our trip in April, we took the CBC students to see where our new feeding program was going to be held and to feed the children and the adults for the first time. The place was packed full of people. We had at least 450 people. We set up our mobile medical clinic with Dr. Ivania. We always have the team pray for the people before they see the Doctor. The CBC Director of Belize, Craig and his team came so FIRED up to see Miracles, so he just began to encourage the team to step out in faith. That day while some of the team was ministering in one area through dramas, clowns, puppets and sharing the Word, Craig with some of the other team members were with the Doctor praying for the sick. They prayed for one man in a wheelchair that had not walked in years. He got out of the wheelchair and began to take steps. It was so awesome. Then another man had a dislocated knee and after the team spoke to it in Jesus name the knee cap went into place. The man stood up FREE of pain and amazed at the Miracle he just received. The team prayed that day and saw legs lengthened, backs healed and lots of pain leave. The KICK OFF DAY for the new feeding program in San Francisco was a day not only of receiving food, gifts, shoes and a hot meal, but a day FILLED with Miracles and Hope. They are so excited that we are building a new feeding station where the children will be fed regularly like we do at our feeding program in Xiloa. We appreciate a few of our partners giving to help us so far to get the new feeding shelter built over the next few months; our plans are to build bathrooms, a storage area and a building to house our medical clinic. We have raised about $7,000.00 of the needed $14,000.00 for everything. We believe God over the next month, we will be able to raise all that is needed for this new program. They told us we are the only missionaries that ever come that far out to help in their village. We know God has BIG PLANS for the people of that area and He is going to use us to train them in the Word!!

Charis Students Ministered at our Schools in Nicaragua:

The Charis Bible Students came so prepared and organized to minister. Their dramas and skits were amazing. One of the favorite skits that 3 of the team members Dannielle, Anna and Sharon did was called “The Lollipop”. The kids loved it. Us BIG kids did, too. The teams had so much variety to minister to the children and adults. The team leaders from Colorado were Clay, Nathan, Lora and Joe. Then the Directors from Michigan and Belize were Tom, Charlene and Craig. We want to personally thank them for the tremendous job in training their students and being so organized. The temperature with the heat index was 103-108 every day in Nicaragua but the team never complained or slowed down. They jumped right in doing everything to serve, teach, worship, pray, pass out gifts, heal the sick or whatever was needed. At our Managua School, the CBC students did a wonderful job ministering to our high school children. Some of the high school students began to share the hardships they are having at home and just cried and cried. The CBC students loved and prayed for many of them to receive the Holy Spirit to have the power to stand against everything they are going through. We are always so blessed to see our youth in our schools touched by the presence of God. The presence of God and the Word of God are their only HOPE!!

Women’s Prison in Nicaragua:

During our trip this time we went to the Women’s Prison in Nicaragua. It was a one of the most powerful times of ministry ever. At the beginning, the CBC students did dramas and had the ladies laughing. Then they did some worship songs and the ladies loved it. Afterwards, we had two of the CBC students share their testimonies and the Word. They both did a wonderful job. Felicia, one of the CBC students that shared from the Michigan School had been in prison in the USA for over 35 years. She shared about her life and how she had come to know God. Then she shared about hearing about Charis Bible College a few years ago and how God provided for her to go to school. She challenged the ladies to believe God for the impossible and to be sure to get into the Word of God. That was the only way their lives would change. It was just amazing to see the ladies faces as she was sharing everything. Afterwards we called for anyone that needed prayer. About 50 ladies came down. Many received Jesus, some prayed in tongues, a lot of them received healing physically and emotionally. At the end we gave almost 100 of Andrew Wommack and Pastor Dean Melton’s books in Spanish and care bags to every lady. It was a great blessing to be able to take the team to the prison this time.

Easter Care Packages and Boxes Distributed:

The CBC students helped us pass out all the Easter Care packages and boxes sent for the students from their sponsors. The children and young people were so excited to receive the nice gifts. Their little faces filled with joy showed their happiness. Thanks sponsors for giving to make this all possible. So many of the children hugged me and said, “please tell our Godparents (that is what they call the sponsors) thank you for the wonderful gifts”. They are so thankful that people that live so far away would love and care for them. By the time you get this newsletter, the container for Nicaragua will be loaded on June 9th full of BIRTHDAY care packages and boxes. The birthday packages and boxes will be given out in August during our next trip to Nicaragua. Thanks for always going the extra mile to make these children feel so special. Most of them live in such hard situations, so to know that they are loved and cared about is a big thing in their lives.

Update on Bus for Las Maderas School:

We are so thankful to everyone that gave to help us with the bus for our Las Maderas School. We have so many students at this school that the buses are overly full. We have been able to get all the money to our pastor in Nicaragua for the bus. They have found a really nice large bus that we will be purchasing as you are getting this newsletter. We have a picture of it on the picture page. We are so grateful for the tremendous response for this essential need we had from so many partners. We are hoping to buy another one with the extra money that came in when needed. This is going to be a super blessing to our school and the children.

Update on Van for our Acuna, Mexico Afterschool Program:

The team that went with us to Acuna, MX at the end of January collected $7,000.00 to buy a van for our Afterschool programs to transport the children. When we received all the money, we were able to send it to our pastor in Mexico by March. It took some time to find one but a connection with a man that buys in the USA and sells to Mexico found us one. It has been at the Acuna border for over a month and a half waiting to get the van registered and the taxes paid to bring it in to the country. By the time you get this newsletter, the van will be brought across the border for our Afterschool children. We are so thankful to the team members in January for giving to make this possible. It will make it so much easier now for our staff and the children. Our Afterschool Programs are growing and making a BIG impact on the children’s lives.

School Supply Project:

It’s that time of the year when all the School Supplies go on sale at Wal-Mart and other stores. We buy at least 2500 items of the different school supplies that we need for our schools. We buy crayons, notebooks, markers, colored pencils, scissors, folders, notebook paper, glue, pens and more. We want to be able to bless all the children in our programs and have a lot to give our schools for later. We can buy the different items and make up school supply packages for around $5.00 a set. So any help with this is a great blessing. It takes so many supplies having thousands and thousands of children in all our programs in Nicaragua, Mexico, Philippines, Jamaica, and other countries. Thanks for your continual love and help with all that we do to help touch the Nations. You are a tremendous blessing to us!

Please know how special all our partners are to this mission’s vision. We pray for increased blessings and health in your lives. We love you all dearly. Please pray for us as we leave for our mission trip to Acuna, Mexico from June 16th-23rd with a team of 40 people. We have shipped all our toys and supplies for the trip. We are believing God to get it across the border now in Jesus name. Last time we had many challenges but we know God will take care of it all. If God be for us, nothing can be against us.

Reaching the Nations,

Darey and Karen Jolley