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MAY 2017
Dear Mission Supporters and Friends:

By the time you get this newsletter, we will be in Nicaragua for our mission trip with the Charis Bible College of Woodland Park, Colorado, Belize, and Michigan; plus some of our Ambassador’s Staff. We know it is going to be a powerful time working together to spread the “good news of the gospel”. Our Easter container has been released and ready for us to distribute. The Charis students will have a great time giving out the big Easter care packages to all our school children and at our feeding programs. Partners, thanks for giving to make all these Easter care packages possible. We will take pictures to share with you after the trip in our next newsletter.

Birthday Container–Due date is May 27th:

We are now working on the BIRTHDAY container. We appreciate all the response we have gotten so far with the donations and slips for us to make the Birthday care packages for you. We have also, been receiving some Birthday Care boxes that some of you have made personally for the child(ren) you sponsor. The due date for the Birthday care boxes or the request for us to make them is MAY 27th!! We will be shipping this container the first week of June. That way the container will be in Nicaragua to be released to us by or before our August mission trip to have our BIG Birthday celebration. Thanks for your love and faithfulness to the children. It is such a SPECIAL thing in their lives to have people that love and care for them like you all.

Emergency Email Sent out from us in April:

During our mission trip in March to Nicaragua, we visited our school in Las Maderas and realized how full our 2 school buses that pick up children everyday had gotten this year. Our Las Maderas School has really grown this new school year for 2017. The Las Maderas School is on a major highway in Nicaragua, so the children must be picked up on buses for their safety. Pastor Daniel, our main pastor that oversees our schools/programs for us in Nicaragua asked me to come on the buses to see how many children were on the buses. It was hard to believe what I saw!! They were on the buses like sardines. Pastor Daniel began to share with me how much we needed to have another bus. That this was a MAJOR, MAJOR need that needed to be done as fast as possible. I felt the need to take a little video of this Big need to share with our partners. We knew it was something that needed to be taken care of quickly. After our trip, we spoke with Todd, our Director of Operations and said, “we feel we need to send out an emergency email to our partners, to tell them of this need”. We have almost 3000 emails of our partners. Todd, put together an EMERGENCY EMAIL for us with the little footage I took in March. This is only the fourth emergency email our ministry has sent out in 25 years to receive help fast. Many of you received this email and all we can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!! The quick response we received was just AMAZING!! We shared that we needed around $20,000.00 to buy a bus in Nicaragua. We have never taken in this much money this FAST for any project or need we have ever had in the history of our missions. Right now, we have taken in $60,000.00 for the bus project. We have enough to buy the one bus needed now. Plus, one of our other buses is getting old and has been worked on so much. It is almost ready for the “BUS GRAVE YARD”! Now, we will have enough money to replace that bus too, when it finally dies for good because of the great OUTPOURING OF LOVE from you our partners. Another thing too, it takes us about $1,200.00 a month, per bus to buy diesel and pay drivers. Now with 3 buses, it will take us $3,600.00 a month to run our buses in Las Maderas for the school children every day. With some of the extra money, we will be able to cover this expense for a while without having to raise more money. If we do NOT have your email and you did not receive this EMERGENCY EMAIL and you would like to, please let us know. Or if you would just like to give to be a part of this great need, you can give on our website or by check. On the enclosed slip, just mark your donation for the Las Maderas school bus project. We are so very thankful for your help for this GREAT NEED!! We have already started to send the first $20,000.00 to Nicaragua to buy the first bus. We hope to have it in the next few weeks. They are looking now to get the BEST bus we can find for our school. We will give you a full report with pictures when the bus or buses are bought and being used at our school.

Update on Second Floor at our Ometepe School:

We are progressing well on the expansion of our second-floor classrooms at our Ometepe School in Nicaragua. There will be a total of 6 new classrooms upstairs and 6 classrooms downstairs that will be totally remodeled. We are completing the third classroom upstairs and remodeling the classroom under the new room downstairs. We will have 3 completed this week. We have the funds raised for the fourth upstairs classroom and the next classroom that needs to be remodeled too. However, we will still need to raise the finances later to do 2 more classrooms upstairs and the last 2 classrooms downstairs to be remodeled. It takes around $13,000.00 per upstairs and downstairs classrooms. We believe God over the next 6-8 months to have all the finances raised and all the classrooms finished. Please be praying for this to happen. We are so thankful to the partners that have given to be a part of this with us so far. We will share more about this in future newsletters.

Update on House Projects in the Nations:

We are still busy building small 500 square foot homes in Nicaragua and the Philippines. We just completed 2 more in Nicaragua since March and 1 a few weeks ago in the Philippines. God has blessed us greatly to build small homes for some of our families living in shack type homes in both countries. The families that receive the homes are a part of our churches, schools or feeding programs. We are starting 2 new homes in Nicaragua in the new area we just started working in called San Francisco. Our goal is to start a feeding program in that area where we are building the 2 new homes. One of the ladies we are building a home for, will be the one helping us in the future with the new feeding program. So, this community is getting ready for A LOT of BIG BLESSINGS that will be coming their way. We are going to blanket that whole community with the “good news of the gospel”. Then we will be having a feeding program on a regular basis to feed and disciple the children and youth in the Word. We will be going to San Francisco again during our trip in April to get things set up better. We are excited about God leading us into new areas in Nicaragua. Also, in the Philippines, with our missionary Moses, we have built 4 homes and we are starting on home number 5 in the next week. 3 of the families that have received homes in the Philippines had lost their shack type homes in floods and bad storms, but God gave them back BETTER homes than they had before. Now they have homes with cement floors, windows, doors, an indoor bathroom with a shower and electricity. It is a new life for them! We are very grateful to the partners that have given to build homes with us. We still have around 14 more homes to build.

Big Blessing From Wal-Mart:

We have believed God for years to meet a manager at Wal-Mart that would help us with products we need for our mission’s programs. Well about 2 months ago, thanks to our church secretary, Latrenda, who introduced us to a friend of hers that is now a Manager at a Wal-Mart near our Mission’s Headquarters, we have an awesome contact to help us. Many times, the stores have items they can clearance down for low prices or even donate. Praise God for the past month or so, we have received 23 big boxes of FREE items like socks, underwear, clothes, toys, etc. Then they had 7-8 pallets of toys, clothes, school supplies, shoes, etc. that we have been able to buy for 50 cents-$5.00 an item. We have bought around $20,000-$25,000.00 worth of products for around $4,200.00. It is such a BLESSING!! We have items to make our Birthday care packages that normally we would never have because of the expense of some of the items. We have nice, big toys and lots of nice clothes that we are packing for this shipment. We are so excited about this for our children. We just love to be able to bless them in a Big, Super way!! Thanks, Latrenda and Bobbie (the Manager) for this tremendous help!!

The Solid Rock Church of Atlanta:

We were so blessed and honored to go share at The Solid Rock of Atlanta church with Pastor Van and Regina Smith. They treated us like royalty. We shared on missions the Sunday morning of April 9th. We showed a few of our mission videos, gave updates, and Todd did an object lesson for the adults. It was just a wonderful service. Then Pastor Van and Regina came up after we finished and just began to encourage their people to sponsor children with us for the $10.00 a month and to give our missions a big offering. It was AMAZING!! We sponsored over 50 children and received over $4,500.00 in offerings. The church people were so excited to be a part of blessing the lives of our children in Nicaragua and Mexico. We are so thankful to you guys. Love you all so much!!

2nd Annual Ambassadors to the Nations Day:

Last year, we had our 1st Annual Ambassadors to the Nations Day in May. This year, we want to have our 2nd Annual Ambassadors to the Nations Day on MAY 26th. On Ambassadors to the Nations Day, we ask all our partners and friends that have Ambassadors to the Nations T-shirts to wear them that day and take a picture yourself. Then we want you to post it on Facebook and tag us in the post. You can do group pictures, family pictures, church pictures, individual pictures or just anything you can come up with. They can be funny, serious, with signs and or props. We want to post them all day to bring awareness to sponsoring children with us, so we can educate and train more children/youth in the Word of God. We are believing as people see it, they will want to know what Ambassadors to the Nations is all about. Then it will open the door for us to share with them missions and the love of God. We hope you will be a part of this day with us. Last year, we had hundreds and hundreds of people to participate representing 10 different countries. It was Amazing!! If you need a T-Shirt they are only $5.00 each and $2.00 for shipping. Just email us at

We can never tell you thank you enough for all the love and help you give to us. We appreciate your continual giving always. We just speak “Peace”, “Shalom” over your lives, in the name of Jesus!! Love you with all our hearts.