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Dear Mission Supporters and Friends:

Since our last mission trip to Nicaragua in August, we have been able to spend most of our time at our Mission’s Headquarters and home church in Charlotte, NC. We have been so busy working in our mission’s building getting things packed for our Christmas shipping to some of the countries we work in. We also had our big Annual Camp Meeting in Charlotte, NC with Andrew Wommack. We want to share some of the great things that have taken place this month.

30 years of Camp Meeting with Andrew Wommack:

This year at our home church, Freedom Christian Center in Charlotte, NC, we celebrated 30 years of Camp Meeting with Andrew Wommack. 30 years ago, we started these outdoor meetings under a tent and Andrew Wommack was the speaker. As time passed and Andrew got on Television, the meetings grew and grew; we had to build an outdoor pavilion to hold the people. We love having the meetings outside. We have vendors that set up tents and sell teaching materials, crafts, food, desserts, etc. around the big pavilion. It is always so much fun and people come from everywhere. The presence of God is always so strong and the Word of God is powerful from Andrew Wommack. Every year, we see so many miracles and lots of people baptized in the Holy Spirit. We are so thankful that Andrew comes every year to spend a week with us. During the camp meeting, Andrew always gives us the opportunity to share on missions. Over the years, we have been able to get 100’s and 100’s of people to sponsor children out of our camp meeting. It is just amazing. Every year, our partners come and spend 3 days volunteering in our mission’s building packaging toys, wrapping gifts, making care boxes and more. We are so thankful for all the love and help they give us every year. Andrew Wommack, we love and appreciate you so much!

14th Annual Mission’s Golf Tournament with Andrew Wommack:

During our annual camp meeting with Andrew Wommack, we had our 14th Annual mission’s golf tournament to raise money for missions. This year, we were raising the money for our new afterschool program in Acuna, Mexico. It takes around $8000.00 a year to run one of our afterschool programs. Now we have 2 in Acuna, Mexico. We have raised over half of the funds needed. After the golf tournament, we raised over $5000.00 profit from the event. We are getting closer to raising all the money needed for both afterschool programs for the full year. We appreciate all the golfers, the sponsors and Andrew Wommack for being a part of this with us.

Big Marching Event in Nicaragua:

Every year in September in Nicaragua, the school children have a big marching event. The children march with drums, banners, majorettes, and dance. Every school in Nicaragua participates and the streets are full of the children and youth. It is a really special time for them. Our students always do so good. We enjoy seeing pictures of how much fun they are having. Thanks partners for giving to make all this possible for these children and youth.

Christmas Care boxes for Nicaragua:

We appreciate the response we received for the Christmas care boxes and the request for us to make them. Aileen our missionary from Panama is over this project in our mission building being sure everything is packed and ready in the care boxes. She watches over every box to be sure they are full and ready for the children to receive them. We appreciate her so much. We have 1000’s of care boxes that will be there for Christmas to be given to the children because of loving, caring partners like you. We are so grateful for all you do for these children. The children can feel the love through these boxes. The container is leaving October 14th and we will have a team from December 19-26 in Nicaragua to distribute it all.

Special thanks to World Victory Church in Moody, Alabama:

We are so thankful to Pastor Shawn and his congregation again this year for collecting 100’s of backpacks, school supplies, nursing home gifts, copy machines, etc. for our programs in Acuna, Mexico. This church is amazing. Because of their help we are able to really bless our afterschool programs in a special way. The nursing homes we help are so blessed by all the things they give to help the elderly in Acuna, Mexico. We can never say thank you enough for all you do for our missions. They send people from their church to be a part of ministering to the people. Thank you, we love you guys so much.

Special Thanks to Foundations of Faith Church:

We want to say a special thank you to Pastor Larry and his church for the blessing they brought to us during our camp meeting with Andrew Wommack. They brought down over 1000 new beanie baby stuffed animals and lots of school supplies. If was perfect timing. The beanie babies are awesome gifts to add to the care boxes for the children. We always need school supplies because of the 1000’s of children that we take care of. Thanks Pastor Larry for going the extra mile always to bless our missions.

Pure Water 4 Kids:

We are so blessed that a couple that graduated from Charis Bible College in Charlotte named Chris and Rebecca went to Nicaragua with us for their mission trip a few years ago. During the time they were there, the Lord began to show them the need for clean water. They started a new ministry called Pure Water 4 Kids. They are raising money to buy water purification filters that go in the plastic buckets. This way the parasites and bacteria are removed so the people do not get sick from their water. They are going with us in December to do the first water filters on the buckets for our schools and some of our families. If you would like to help or learn more about this new project please go to their website @purewater4kids.com. We appreciate Chris and Rebecca for having a heart to raise the money to help the people of Nicaragua to have clean water.

Great Testimony from out of our School in Las Maderas:

We want to share a great testimony about 2 of our students that graduated from our School in Las Maderas, Nicaragua. A young girl named Jenny started going to our school in Las Maderas when she was in preschool and also a young boy named Egner. They went to our school until they graduated, plus they attend our church in Las Maderas. After graduation, they fell in love, however for the past few years since graduation Jenny has been attending College studying to be a hair dresser. Because of the help of her sponsor, Mark and Angie, she was able to continue her studies so she can have her own business. They have shipped items on our container for her to open up her own beauty salon very soon. Well just a few days ago, Jenny and Egner got married at our church in Las Maderas. It was because of our school and church in Las Maderas, they were trained in the ways of the Lord. Many of the young people in these villages never get married and always have babies out of wedlock, but not this couple. It was because of the love of Jesus being shown to them and great sponsors that God is blessing their lives. We are so blessed to be able to share this story of just one example of how our schools are changing the lives of these young people. Thank you partners for giving so these children have a chance in life.

Expansion of our School on Ometepe:

We have shared some about our big expansion project at our School on the Island of Ometepe. We are so excited about this project. We are taking the roofs off our classrooms and building a complete second floor, plus remodeling every classroom. This school was built in the year 2000 so it needs a lot of work. By us making this school bigger, this will enable us to take more students in 2017. Also, in the old classrooms, we are changing all the windows, putting in drop ceilings, new electrical work, new fans and updating the floors. We have already put in the second floor stairway, one new classroom and updated one old classroom. We have sent $12,000.00 to continue on this project a few weeks ago because of some of the partners already giving toward this expansion. We are looking at around $60,000.00 to do it all. We have taken in almost $30,000.00 toward this project, which is amazing. If you would like to help in any way, please see the enclosed monthly slip for the donation. We appreciate so much your continual support and love. All of this is only possible because of Jesus and wonderful partners like you.

Update on House Projects:

God has blessed us so much with finances to build homes for needy people. It is awesome to see how much people want to give to see people have a home and not live in a shack with no bathroom. Right now we still have 15 homes to be built. We are building 1-2 homes every 6-7 weeks. It is amazing!! It is only the GOODNESS OF GOD!! Most of the homes we build are in Nicaragua. This week we are starting a home for a family living in a shack in the Philippines through our missionary named Moses. When the family found out they just cried and cried with tears of joy. Thanks to many of the partners for giving $4800-$5000 so a needy family can have a small home with cement floors, windows, doors, indoor bathroom with a shower and electricity. It is life changing for them.

We want you to know we pray and thank God for you all the time. We tell everyone we have the BEST partners in the WORLD!! We love you dearly!!

Reaching the Nations,

Darey and Karen Jolley