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Easter, Birthday & Christmas Care Box information:

Three times a year, we give our supporters the opportunity to send Care Boxes to the children they sponsor at one of our four schools in Nicaragua. For about 95% of our students these are the only gifts they receive every year. They look forward to receiving the gifts from their sponsors the three times we ship containers to Nicaragua.

** Please Please do not put checks in the Care boxes!!
** No food in care boxes.

Below is the list of suggested items to put in your Care Box and how to properly label it:

(Cardboard or Plastic container) — 12-18 qt. or 14″x7″x7″, put your child’s name and your name on the outside of the box so we can identify you and your child’s box.

  1. School supplies-notebook, pens, pencils, glue, crayons
  2. Toy (age appropriate), stuffed animals, dolls, baseballs, cars
  3. Socks, hair bows, combs, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste,( shampoo and/or lotion put in a zip lock bag),
  4. Spanish Bible (international Bible Society 1-800-524-1588)
  5. Backpack or book bag
  6. Picture/letter (they love pictures)
  7. You must list every item you are sending on a packing list. Click HERE to print the required document that must be included in your box.

* If you prefer for us to make the Care Box(es) for the child(ren) you sponsor all you need to do is fill out the Care box slip (provided in your newsletter) and send the suggested donation of $15.00 per box to us.

We would be happy to make them for you to help you save on postage.

NOTE: if you are making your own Care box(es), you DO NOT need to fill out the Care box slip provided in your newsletter.

* You can still send in pictures and cards for us to deliver to your child(ren).

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Have A Care Box Made – $15