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Las Maderas School of Israel

This school was established in 1996. Las Maderas is located on Hwy North going toward Honduras. It is 1hr 15min from Managua. We own 10 acres of land with a school, church, medical clinic, kitchen, store, computer lab, sewing room and Pastor’s home. We also have a 5000 gallon water tank on the school property that provides water for about a week. It now has Preschool through 11th grade. The students graduate in Nicaragua in the 11th grade. The cost is only $10 per month to support a child to receive the benefits of a hot meal every school day, their education and school materials. A full 100% goes for the child or pastor that you are supporting. If you would like to begin supporting a child or pastor, please email us and you will be contacted explaining the full details. The support is sent at the beginning of each month and is greatly appreciated. You may also send your support via PayPal. We have it set up where you can have this automatically deducted from your account every month for 1 year, or you can choose to do it monthly.