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Democratic Republic of the Congo

God put in the heart of The Jolley’s to begin a partnership with Redeeming Love Ministries, founded by Julie Mapatano Mwozi, to begin a feeding program in a small village in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The children here suffer from malnutrition and parasites. Ambassadors To The Nations will be providing finances to supply all the needed materials to feed 200 children 3 times a week, plus provide medical assistance to the children suffering from parasites. The staff of Redeeming Love Ministries will oversee the outreach. Ambassadors To The Nations will partner with Redeeming Love Ministries to transform the Congo with God’s Love by nurturing the children with healthy food, proper medical care, and the Word of God. The cost of this outreach will be $1420 per month. If you would like to be a part of this project, click on the Donate to Congo link below.


Thank you for your donations and support for all our programs at The Ambassador to The Nations!


What Our Student's Say About The Ambassadors To The Nations.
  • Milleydi Madrigal – Student From Las Maderas NicaraguaMilleydi Madrigal – Student From Las Maderas Nicaragua

    Thank you for all your support and to God, for having put the Ambassadors in my life. I thank you for all the details of the help that you have given me throughout the entire school year, such as; financial aid, packages of materials, t-shirts, teaching materials, craft materials, but above all for giving us a school worthy of us, where we promote ethical, moral and spiritual values.

  • Yuwelkis Ortiz Dávila – Student From Managua NicaraguaYuwelkis Ortiz Dávila – Student From Managua Nicaragua

    Thank you for all the help I have received from my sponsors for all the gifts and boxes that they have sent me that have made me feel happy. I appreciate all the love they put in them. I anticipate all this because I am always excited about these gifts, which are given with a lot of love and effort because even in bad circumstances, you look for a way to send us gifts.

  • Maria Andrea Garcia Luna – Student From Ometepe NicaraguaMaria Andrea Garcia Luna – Student From Ometepe Nicaragua


    It has been a blessing to have received your support and help for years.

    I thank God first and the ambassadors to the nations, for having a support project such as the construction of the educational center that has been a blessing for the people and for our parents, especially for all those who have been able to train in learning.