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For many years, God put on our hearts to build houses for some of our faithful church and school people that were living in shacks. For the first 14 years of our ministry we were only able to build 1-3 homes a year. However when Andrew Wommack Ministry began to partner with us , we have built 100’s of homes for needy families in Nicaragua & Mexico. For only $4500.00 you can provide a faithful family a new home (20×20 dimensions). Made out of blocks, with a cement floor, a bathroom, running water, electricity, windows and doors. If interested please call us at 704-392-5929 if you would like to make a donation via a credit card. You can email us at or use the convenient PayPal option below by clicking the button and specify the amount that you would like to donate toward a house. The cost of one house is $4,500.00 but we welcome any donation that you would like to make.

$4500.00 – Build A Home
$ 300.00 – Furnish A Home