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Our projects change regularly as needs arise.

At this time below is a list of ongoing projects we have. If you would like to help with any of these projects please select the Donate button at the bottom to make a one-time donation. Please put the project name in the comments section.

2 More classrooms in Ometepe
Cost: $10,000 per classroom

Remodel classrooms in Ometepe with New Electrical, Drop Ceilings, and new Windows
Cost: $2000.00

Special Bus Transportation for Las Maderas
Cost: $1500.00 per month
Or 4 people to sponsor: Cost $375.00/per month

Toys for Distribution (ongoing)
Cost:$700.00 per month

Senior Citizen’s Feeding Program – Acuna, Mexico
Cost: $250.00 per month

Paint & Repair Classrooms & Churches at all three schools
Cost: $300.00 for Each School

After school Program in Acuna, Mexico
Cost: $800.00 per month

Tires for School Bus in Las Maderas.
Cost $1,200.00 per Bus

Toys for 2,000 Children for one month.
Cost $1,000.00 per month

Sponsor one of our school graduates to attend college for one year.
Cost $700.00 each per year

2 New Copy machines for schools in Nicaragua
Cost $500.00 each

Shipping of 10,000 bars of soap and shampoo
Cost $575.00 per shipment

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