We want to thank you for the opportunity to share our Sponsorship Program with you. The vision that the Lord has put in our hearts is far too great for us to accomplish without your help!

We have a call, a purpose, that burns in our hearts. Together we can see the needs met for our church family in the nations! Our heart’s cry is to provide a solid education to the children both academically and spiritually. Your support makes this possible. If you choose to help support either a Pastor and their family or a child so that they may attend a Christian school, it will change their lives forever (and your’s too!).

Please remember that little becomes much when placed in the Master’s hands!

Sharing His Love,
Pastors Darey & Karen Jolley

Where Your Support Goes:
“The Great Commission demands we reach the children! They are at the very center of God’s heart!”

Not one penny of you money goes to pay American salaries; all funds go directly to the field!

The individuals that receive sponsorship on a monthly basis use the money to buy food, clothes, water, private school and medical needs.

For the children that attend our schools, the sponsorship money is used to pay the teachers, buy supplies (books, pencils, etc.), and feed the children, the hot meal they receive at school is often times the only one that they receive that day.

How can I help support a Child?
The cost is only $10 per month to support a child to receive the benefits listed. If you would like to sponsor a family, it is only $20 per month for them to receive the benefits listed Again, none of the money will stay in America – a full 100% goes to the child or family that you are supporting. If you would like to begin supporting a child or family, please send us a letter and you will be mailed a brochure & letter explaining the full details. The support is sent at the beginning of each month and is greatly appreciated. You may also send your support via PayPal. We have it set up where you can have this automatically deducted from your account every month for 1 year, or you can choose to do it monthly. If you are not comfortable doing this via the internet, you may send your payments every month to the address below.

If you are not able to make monthly support payments, but would like to make a donation, you may make your tax deductible donation to:

Ambassadors To The Nations
c/o Freedom Christian Center
4020 Freedom Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208

Please send your payment to the above address with your name, address and if you would like to support a child, family or a Pastor, or you may go to our Donations page and make your donations on-line.
To sponsor using PayPal and have your donations deducted from your checking, credit card or PayPal account monthly, select the number of children you desire from the list below and hit subscribe.

Fill out Registration Form for Child Sponsorship below then Choose the option in the box below if you want your monthly sponsorship to be automatically debited from your PayPal account, checking or credit card account. This will be a recurring payment each month.

CLICK HERE for a Registration form for Child sponsorship.

If you are not sure about sponsoring a child and need more information, please call our office at 704-392-5929 or click on the more info link and fill out the interest form and someone from our office will contact you.