Dear Mission Supporters and Friends,

Update On Nicaragua:
We want to start this newsletter off again this month by giving you all an update on Nicaragua. It has been a little over 3 months since the unrest in Nicaragua started the middle part of April. We are so happy to let you know all of our students are back in school at all of our schools. The last students to return was our middle and high school students at our Managua School because they come in the afternoons. Most of the problems that would occur, happened in the late afternoon and nights. It was not safe enough for our older children to come to the Managua School, but now everyone is back. Our schools in Las Maderas and Ometepe are going great. The one school we sponsor called Gracias y Amor is back in school too. However, they have been struggling. We do not cover all the expenses at that school, as we do in our 3 Schools of Israel, that we have completely built and we own. The Gracias y Amor School, we help them by paying the rent on the school building, giving school supplies, giving the children toy gift packages, shoes and backpacks. These students pay a little to help pay the teachers. During these difficult days, about 40 families in that school lost their jobs, so it has made it very hard for most of them to give to help pay the teachers. The Lord put on our hearts to cover a lot of the teacher’s salaries for the past 3 months. We gave money to help buy food for family’s suffering at this school too, like we did our 3 main schools. We just thank God for wonderful partners that give faithfully and go the extra mile to help all these precious children. Thank God our children have our schools, so they can be prayed over and encouraged that God is healing their country.

First time in 25 Years NO Mission Trip to Nicaragua in August:
Even though things are getting so much better and most of the cities and streets are under control, our Pastor, Daniel Ortega Reyes, felt in his heart for us to wait a few more months before we come back to Nicaragua. We were hoping up to the last minute for our team to go but we prayed and said whatever Pastor Daniel said, we would not question him. Our Nicaragua team is there working hard and will be giving out all the contents of the Birthday container after it is released. The container is in Managua and just waiting for the paper work to be finalized. That should be within the next 2-4 weeks. They will take pictures and send all the reports to us soon. It will be a blessed time for the children. Our next trip will be our Christmas mission trip to Nicaragua. We have a BIG team wanting to go with us. It will be a SPECIAL TIME for all of us. We will be there to love the people and encourage all our families for Christmas. Plus, one of our missionaries, Brandon, the son of Todd and Melissa, will be having a wedding celebration with his future wife, Ruth Silva in Nicaragua. It’s going to be an amazing time for us all. Please be praying for us and the upcoming trip in December.

Food and Toy Distribution in Nicaragua:
We are so thankful for all the donations we received over the last 4-6 weeks for food to bless our families in Nicaragua during these times of unrest. We took in over $33,000.00 for food and right now we have spent over $29,000.00 of the offerings we have received. It has blessed thousands of people. We have received special thank you emails and text from many of our teachers, students and families in our churches and programs for the food. We will be sending more over the next days to continue to help as much as we can. From our last container in April, some of our schools and feeding programs had not received their Easter Care packages yet because the unrest took place during our trip when we were distributing everything in April. We are happy to share that our schools and feeding programs are receiving their Easter Care packages now. This was a great way to return to school and the children be blessed with nice toy care packages. Thanks partners for your faithfulness .

House and Construction Projects:
We just completed 2 homes in Nicaragua, 1 home in the Philippines and almost 1 in Mexico. Plus, we are starting 2 more homes in Nicaragua now. One of the homes in Nicaragua will be on the property of our new school in San Francisco for the guard to live in, that will help take care of everything. We are working hard on our new school in San Francisco, Nicaragua. The security wall is going up, all the septic tanks and lines are going in and now the guard house. After that we will start on the Windows, doors, floors, electricity, etc. We look forward to having programs in the buildings before we start the school program. Our Nicaraguan team will be going out there to do a feeding program and to distribute toy gift bags over the next month. We are so grateful for the continual giving that makes all this possible. We love Nicaragua so much and know God has us there to help change the lives of these children, so the Nation will be better than ever.

Summer Family Bible Conference with Andrew Wommack:
We were blessed to go to the Summer Family Bible Conference with Andrew Wommack during the week of the 4th of July. It was an amazing week of teaching and fellowshipping with the people. We were able to share about our missions and we sponsored over 80 children and were blessed with offerings. Plus, on Thursday night, Poncho (Todd), with our help did a big program for the children’s ministry. It was awesome. The kids loved it. The children received offerings to give to us to help feed the children in Nicaragua. It was so SPECIAL!! We love ministering to children in the USA and other countries. We appreciate Andrew Wommack and all he does for us. What a GREAT BLESSING he is to our missions!!

Christmas Care Box Time:
It’s that time of the year again for you to start working on your Christmas care boxes. If you would like to make one for the child(ren) you sponsor, please see the instructions on the back of the enclosed slip. The care boxes are due by or before September 24th. If you would like for us to make your care package for your child(ren), please fill out the enclosed slip with the suggested $12-$15 donation and return to us by or before September 24th. We will be shipping the Christmas container by the first week of October. We really want to make this a SPECIAL Christmas for all our school students and our children in our feeding programs. There are a lot of parents that have lost their jobs due to the problems in Nicaragua. Many of them already struggle to buy anything for their children anyway. We want to really bless the children good!! Thanks for your love and help to make this possible!! The children are so grateful for the gifts they receive from you, our wonderful partners.

Upcoming Events and Fundraisers:
Our Annual Camp meeting with Andrew Wommmack at Freedom Christian Center begins on September 16-21. It will be our 33rd year having the meetings with Andrew. This year is the last scheduled Camp meeting, so you do not want to miss it. It is going to be a GREAT Celebration!! Also on September 19th is our Annual Ambassadors to the Nations Golf Tournament and cook-out with Andrew Wommack. We need people to play and sponsors for the holes and tees. Please go to our website for all the information. We would love to have you come and be a part of all this with us. Another great way we are raising money for missions is through a donation from one of our partners for a “drawing”. She gave us a $3500.00 Orlando, Florida vacation packet. It is for 6 nights at a nice Resort, 3 Disney tickets for 3 days, $500 Visa gift card and $100 gas card. If you would like to buy a $5.00 ticket to help us, please call our office at 704-392-5929. All the money raised from the fundraisers will help us with our new school being built in San Francisco, Nicaragua.

We want to say again how thankful we are for all the outpouring of offerings for Nicaragua. We appreciate all the prayers and encouraging words from many of you for Nicaragua. We know God’s hand is on that Nation. Thanks for all your love for Ambassadors to the Nations. It’s so amazing seeing what God is doing with all of us working together to share the Love of God to the Nations. We love you with all our hearts!!

Reaching the Nations,