Dear Mission Friends and supporters:

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We are so thankful for all that God is doing with this mission’s program. He is so faithful to us. We believe November 2016 was a life changing month for the USA and the Nations. God is awakening us as Christians, so we can be a light to the Nations. We are excited about the future of this Nation and what God will be doing in the Nations of the world through us and you, our partners.

Graduation Time in Nicaragua:

By the time you get this newsletter, our schools in Nicaragua will have had their graduation and promotional programs. We have special graduation programs for our Seniors, 6th graders and preschoolers at all our schools. It is a beautiful time for them. They all wear caps and gowns and their parents come out to the special ceremonies at the different schools. This year we had 45 Seniors to graduate from our schools. Many of these young people will go on to the Universities and some will go out to start working jobs. We know they have received an excellent education, but more important they have been trained in the ways of the Lord. We believe God, out of these young people many will become teachers, lawyers, pastors, missionaries, etc. for the Lord. They will “GO” out and be the mouth piece of God so others can hear the good news of the Gospel. Please be praying for them. When our team gets there in December, we will have a special time with the graduates to bless them with trophies, Class of 2016 T-shirts, Spanish books from Andrew Wommack and an offering. If you have a child you sponsor that is in the 11th grade, they are the ones that have graduated this month. If you would like to send them a little gift (card, cash, jewelry, etc.) you can do so, but we must receive it before December 12th. We will take it with us when we leave on December 19th. We will be sending out graduation pictures to the ones that have Seniors that have graduated after our trip in December. Thanks for making this all possible for these children to go to a Christian School. We know they have a bright future ahead of them because of your love and help.

Special Visitors in Charlotte, NC at our Mission’s Building:

We were so blessed to have some very special visitors to come and be with us at the end of October and some of November. We first had Pastor Jim and Sara Harvey from Michigan come and spend a few days with us. Pastor Jim, pastors at MT. Morris Christian Center. He goes to Acuna, Mexico with us every trip. They have also been to Nicaragua with us. They are a great blessing to us and our missions. They brought down some power tools for us to ship to Mexico for our programs because in January, when we go to Acuna, Pastor Jim wants to do some repair work on some of our buildings. We are so thankful to him. We had an awesome time during their visit with us. Then right after that we had 2 of our dear missionaries, Gracia and Krizia, that have been traveling to Nicaragua with us all of 2016, spend 3 weeks with us. These young ladies are from Mexico but have been living in Colombia, South America for over a year doing mission work. They are such a big blessing to our missions. They came to help us in our mission’s building, teach the youth at our Freedom Churches and just to relax and have FUN!! We look forward to the future for what God has for them and us together in missions. Also during the first week of November, we were blessed to have Andrew Burton from Canada come and spend about 5 days with us. Andrew is one of our top and most loving partners of Ambassadors to the Nations. He travels to Nicaragua 2 times a year with us, and comes to Charlotte, N.C. 2 times a year to help us in missions. Andrew has a great love for children living in poverty. He is always doing something to bless them. We are forever grateful for his love and help. We love having people come and spend some time with us in Charlotte, N.C. at our Mission’s Headquarters.

Annual Visit to Faith Fellowship Church:

Every year around October or November, Pastor Jerry from Faith Fellowship Church in Williamsburg, Virginia invites us to come and give mission updates, and share the Word to his church. This church is just amazing!! They always want a list of projects we are doing in the Nations, so they can help. They have done so many projects for us over the years. This year, they gave us a BIG offering to help us with our Ometepe School Expansion and remodeling on the classrooms. They sponsored more children in our programs. We are always overwhelmed by their giving. We shared with them some of our School videos because this year, we are celebrating 20 years of our schools in Nicaragua being opened. They loved seeing how big the school facilities have gotten, plus how many students we have now. After the videos, Todd (Poncho), our Director of Operations and his wife, Melissa, our Data Entry Processor were with us, so we had Poncho in his clown outfit share with the church. He did a funny trick with Pastor Jerry first and had the whole church laughing. Then he did a special object lesson about how sin had entered this world but how the blood of Jesus has taken away every sin, past, present and future. It was powerful!! The people loved him. Everyone was so blessed that they had come this year. After the service, they had a big BBQ for us with all his church people. It was an awesome time with them. Another great thing that the Lord has put on their hearts to help us with, was a few months ago, some of their young people and youth pastor came to help us in our mission’s building in Charlotte packaging toy gift bags. After packaging gifts, they went back to their church and told them more about it. They are raising money now to package 1000 toy gift bags at their church and will bring them to our mission’s building in Charlotte when they are finished. We were so blessed that they would take the initiative and help in such a big way. We love you Pastor Jerry and your whole church.

Gospel Truth Seminar in Dallas, Texas with Andrew Wommack:

We just returned from the Gospel Truth Seminar in Dallas, Texas with Andrew Wommack. We love going to Calvary Cathedral Church every year for this GTS meetings. Andrew’s teachings were powerful like always. The one thing he shared that went off on the inside of me is, “the way your heart goes, is the way your life is going”. That it is so important that we harness our emotions. That we must unplug from this world. If we want perfect peace, our minds must be stayed on the Lord. These are such important keys to living a Victorious life. We appreciate Andrew so much. He had us share about our missions and sponsoring children. We sponsored 44 more children and received offerings to help with our schools. We are so thankful that God is blessing our missions with new partners to help with the children. We want to encourage you to be FAITHFUL!! These children in our schools in Nicaragua and in our afterschool programs in Acuna, Mexico could not be receiving the Word of God, worship time, an education, a hot meal, love and lots more without your continual and generous giving. We love and appreciate you so VERY, VERY much!!

BIG BIG Blessing this Month:

During the month of November, God blessed us BIG with tremendous buys on BIG NICE TOYS from the Dollar General Store. They ran a special that was the best we have ever seen. We purchased nice big $5.00 toys for $1.88. We also bought some nice $3.00 toys for $1.13. We cannot buy these types of nice toys wholesale this cheap for the kind of toys we found. We went to 8 different stores and spent about $5000.00 for about 3000 toys. It was AWESOME!! We had a Blast!! Also in November, a few of the Payless Stores called us and said we have tons of shoes we need to sell you cheap. We went to 3 stores and bought over 2200 pairs of shoes for around $8000.00. Every year, we ask our partners to help us with the “Shoe Project”. Last year, we took in over $19,000.00 to buy new shoes. We have spent all the shoe money and we need your help so we can buy more. We have enclosed a “Shoe project” slip for you to return with a donation if you would like to help us. Just in the past 2 months, we have shipped new shoes to Nicaragua, Mexico, The Philippines, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Bahamas, Haiti, Kentucky Mountains, Wyoming for the Native Americans and Guatemala. We are blessing a lot of children in need and youth with new shoes. We are so grateful that you love giving so we can help so many. Plus, as we give new shoes and toys we are preaching the gospel of Jesus to them.

Update on Ometepe School Expansion and Remodeling Classrooms:

We are so thrilled by the response we have received from you, our partners for this Big School Expansion and remodeling of our older classrooms at our Ometepe School. We were needing $30,000.00 for the next phase of the project. Right now, in the past 2 months, we have received almost $28,000.00. Things are going great with the project. We will be able to take lots of pictures during our December trip to Nicaragua to show you in our next newsletter. Thank you so very much for your love for schools, so we will be able to take more children in the future.

Special Events in December for Missions:

We have our Annual Celebration of the Nations on December 3rd at 5:00pm-7:00pm at Assembly of Faith, FCC church in Dallas, NC. It is a time for us to Celebrate what has happened in the Nations through Ambassadors to the Nations. This time we will be showing videos of our Schools in Nicaragua. We are celebrating 20 years that our schools have been open in Nicaragua. This is a major milestone in our ministry. Because of our schools, we can minister to thousands upon thousands of children with the Gospel of Jesus. This has only been possible because of the FAITHFULNESS of great partners and our loving Heavenly Father. If you live nearby we would love to have you come. The first week of December, Darey, Todd and myself are heading back out to Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado to teach at the school and share about our missions to the students during their chapel service. Last year we sponsored more children there at one time than we had ever done before. It was a MIRACLE!! The students are so loving and have big hearts to help. We look forward to these events before we go back to Nicaragua on December 19-26. We appreciate your love and prayers.

Reaching the Nations,

Darey and Karen Jolley