MARCH 2018

Dear Mission Supporters and Friends:
We have a lot of amazing things to share with you from the past 6-7 weeks of ministry. The month of January and February have
been some exciting months. The first part of January, we went to Phoenix for a Gospel Truth Seminar with Andrew Wommack.
Then the middle of January, we went to Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado to teach in the Mission Tract of the
school and to share in the chapel service; plus, we went to Charis Christian Center with Pastor Lawson Purdue. All of this was
just AWESOME!! We were blessed by the Word of God, sponsored around 350 children in our schools in Nicaragua and received
tremendous offerings for missions. (We have a special story we want to share with you from our visit to Pastor Lawson’s church).
Then at the end of January and the first week of February, we went to Maranatha Christian Fellowship in Texas with Pastor Allen Davis, before we headed to Acuna, Mexico for 8 days of mission work. We were so blessed by Maranatha Christian Fellowship. We shared on missions, Darey preached. Todd with some of our team taught the children and youth. Our mission staff love to go with us to their church before we go to Mexico. God blessed us so much during those weeks to raise a lot of needed finances for all the projects we are doing in Nicaragua and Mexico.

Special Story from Charis Christian Center with a Little Boy named Jackson:
The Wednesday night, we arrived in Colorado, we went to Pastor Lawson’s church to set up our mission’s table. When we got there, Pastor Aaron came up to me and said, “We have a little boy named Jackson, he has a gift for you for missions, that he had done for his birthday.” Jackson, who is 7 years old came over to us with his mother and said, “I have a letter for you that I wrote and an offering from my birthday”. The letter he wrote said, “Thank you for all that you do to help all these kids! This money was raised at my birthday party. God has provided enough blessings for me and I want to give back! You are Awesome”! From: Jackson To: The Jolley’s. God Loves you. (Remember he is only 7!! Pretty AMAZING).

Then he handed me an envelope with $550 in cash for poor children. It was so precious and overwhelming the love we felt from Jackson. It amazed all of us that he would give up getting toys for his birthday, people gave him cash to bless children in need instead. It was one of the sweetest things we believe we have ever experienced in our missions. The Lord showed me, CHILDREN HELPING CHILDREN!! If we could get children helping other children that are less fortunate, thousands of little lives could be changed forever!! Thanks, Jackson for this great demonstration of the LOVE OF JESUS!!

Charis Bible College of Charlotte, Ambassadors Partners and Staff in Acuna, Mexico:
The trip to Acuna, Mexico was absolutely powerful!! The team came ready to minister for the Lord. We saw so many MIRACLES!! We saw the mute speak, the lame walk, pain in bodies healed, demons leave, hope restored to homeless people, people receive Jesus and over 1,300 people blessed with gift packages or bags of food. It was one of the BEST trips ever to Acuna, Mexico; the weather was so nice. The team worked so hard doing street ministry, woman’s meeting, 2 Nursing Homes, Senior feeding, Adult Day care for Seniors, orphanage, church services, children’s church and 3 After School Programs. Plus, some of the team painted children’s murals on the walls of the After Schools. We are so thankful to Ken and Patsy Brown the CBC Directors of Charlotte for coming and bringing their second-year students. They were amazing at sharing the word, praying for the sick, carrying boxes, distributing toy gift bags/bags of groceries, making sculpture balloons, painting faces, doing puppets and anything asked of them. Plus, a big special thanks to Ronnie Dirk and Pastor Jim for always helping us with the teams every trip to Mexico.

Women’s Meeting in Acuna, Mexico:
Every January in Acuna, Mexico, we host a Women’s Meeting at our main church, Movimiento De Fe (Movement of Faith) with Pastor Oscar and Luz, our head pastors. It was an awesome meeting. We had around 100 ladies to come from 5 different churches. Before the preaching, Poncho(Todd) and Chocolita(Katherine) did a funny show for the ladies. They were laughing like crazy. It was great. Then Angela from CBC and Pastor Sara from Mt. Morris Christian Church shared the word. They did a wonderful job. Alexandria and Katherine helped to lead the worship in Spanish and did a dance. Brandon played the drums for the worship service. That night at the ladies meeting, we asked if any lady needed prayer at the end. Steve, a CBC student, asked me to translate for him, while he prayed for a lady that was walking with a cane and she told me she was in severe pain in her legs. After he prayed and commanded the pain to go, the lady told me all the pain is gone and she carried her cane out of the church. Then the next day, at the Sunday church service, she came up to me and said, “Look no more cane and I am pain free”. That was
an amazing MIRACLE!! At the end of the Women’s Meeting, we always do a special craft with the ladies that one of our Mission Staff in Charlotte we call Mama Mae puts together for us. The ladies loved it (see picture page). Then we blessed the ladies with care packages with lotion gift sets and a book in Spanish donated by Nichole Marbach and Angie Buhrke. We are thankful for these books written by these ladies to give to ladies, so they can know how much God loves them.
After Schools in Acuna, Mexico:
One of the BEST things we have ever started in Acuna, Mexico are our 3 After Schools. The children come to our After Schools after they get out of school and there, they are taught the Word of God, they worship together, do activities and eat a hot meal. The children love to come, and you can tell the Word of God is making a big difference in their lives. They are some of the most grateful children. We are so thankful to our Directors, Nata and Cris Olguin and all the staff that work so hard with the children. We had big programs with the children during our time in Acuna and every child received a nice care package with a new backpack, toys, hygiene items and school supplies. They kept thanking us over and over. Thanks partners for giving to make this all possible. It is a great discipleship program for the children. We believe God over the next few years to add more After Schools in many different communities in Acuna, Mexico.

Roof and Sheetrock Damage in our After School #1:
We have done a lot of work on our After School #1 building in the past year. However, the roof has a major leak and it has caused tons of damage to several of our classrooms upstairs and the 2 bathrooms. We will be taking the roof off, so we can raise it up to help stop the continual problem of the roof leaking and then replace almost all the Sheetrock in the bathrooms and the ceilings in 2 classrooms. The Sheetrock has turned black from mildew (see picture page), we need to fix this problem within the next month. We need to raise around $6000.00 to fix all of this in our After School #1. Plus, we want to replace the old carpet squares on the floors upstairs with laminate flooring. We will do this later. We don’t have a budget on the floors yet. We believe God this month for the finances to come in to fix all the damage, plus extra to help us run the 3 After Schools, to bless the teachers, buy the food and pay the electrical/water bills. We are always so thankful for your continual love and going the extra mile to help us. God never forgets your Labors of Love!!

Schools in Nicaragua Open Up for the New 2018 School Year:
The first week of February, our schools in Nicaragua opened for the new school year of 2018. We can never say thank you enough for all the help you our partners have given to help us reopen our schools. This year, we repainted every school, fixed everything that was broken, added new bathrooms, added new playground, bought $15,000 worth of school text books and supplies and over the next few months we are adding technical programs to our schools. We will be adding Beauty Salon classes, computer classes, English classes and Import/Export classes. We have already shipped beauty salon chairs and some of the beauty salon equipment we need to get started. We still need to buy or get donated more items for the beauty salon classes. We are also buying 12 laptop computers over the next few months for the computer and English classes. We will share more about this new Technical part of our schools in the next newsletters, as we get more information. We are so excited about all that God is doing in our schools to make them better and helping us to train the young people to have successful futures. Also, this year, in our Bible studies, we have added 2 more of Andrew Wommack’s Study Guides in Spanish. Now our whole middle and high school will be using Andrew’s Study Guides. Our hearts are to have them trained in the ways of God first and then have a good education.

Easter Container for Nicaragua has been Shipped:
The first week of February, we shipped the Easter container to Nicaragua full of Easter Care packages, toy gift bags, 2100 pairs of new shoes, school supplies, file cabinets, little Tikes kitchen toys for our preschools, chairs, etc. It was so full we could hardly get the doors to close. We appreciate you giving for the shipping and to help pay for the Easter care packages for all the school students and feeding program children. We will be giving all this out during our April mission trip. Our next shipment to Nicaragua will be around the middle of May for the children’s Birthday care packages. We will give all the information about that in our next newsletter.

2018–Going to be an Amazing Year:
We just feel in our hearts to share that we know 2018 is going to be an AMAZING year for us in missions. It has already started off so full of great things. Our new after school/ new school going up in San Francisco, Nicaragua is going fantastic. They are putting the roof on now and getting the wall with the pipes put in over the next few months. We look forward to seeing the progress when we return to Nicaragua in March for our next mission trip. We appreciate your prayers and support that makes all this happen. We love you dearly!!
Reaching the Nations,
Darey and Karen Jolley