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MARCH 2017
Dear Mission Supporters and Friends:

MIRACLES, MIRACLES, AND MORE MIRACLES!!! We are so excited to share with you all the amazing things that have been happening with Ambassadors to the Nations this past month. The mission trip to Acuna, Mexico that we just came home from a few weeks ago, was the trip of MIRACLES!! Pastor Alex, a dear friend and Charis Bible College graduate went to Mexico on this trip with us. The week before he was in Dominican Republic. On that trip, he was a part of seeing hundreds of miracles. When he got to Mexico with us, he was fired up and in turn it caused the WHOLE team to be fired up. So NOW, the MIRACLES!!

Acuna, Mexico the Trip of MIRACLES:

When Pastor Alex shared with the team about the miracles he had been a part of in the Dominican Republic, he prayed that the same miracles would flow through the team in Mexico. Every day in Acuna, Mexico the team was seeing miracles happening everywhere; in the nursing homes, the adult day care, the churches and in the streets. In the first nursing home, we went to, we were worshiping and praying with the Seniors. One of the Seniors, could not see clearly, only blurry. After, speaking to the cloudy eyes he could see. He was so excited as he counted the number of fingers being held up far away and seeing people’s faces clearly. Then one day outside our church, Pastor Alex and some of the team prayed for a man that had been operated on for cancer and had an open wound from the surgery. The man was in a lot of pain. As they spoke and commanded the wound to close and dry up and all pain to go, it DID!! The man became overwhelmed with joy seeing God healing him completely. Then one day in the streets, Pastor Alex, Chanda and Lee went to a home of a lady that had been operated on and during the operation her trachea was damaged and she was in a lot of pain and could not swallow well. After prayer and taking their authority over this problem, healing began to manifest in her body. At first, when they entered the home, she was crying uncontrollably. Afterwards, she was calm and rejoicing how God had touched her body. On another house visit, Laurie Melton, Pastor Alex, Chanda and Lee prayed for a man that had leg problems and could not hardly walk. He was 75 years old, but after prayer he could walk on his own and began to testify of how great he was feeling and began to walk without help. Another day in front of our afterschool program, a lady was wheeling her son down the road in a wheelchair. The little boy looked to be 11-12 years old and was in pain from an accident; he could only walk about 4-5 steps at a time. Raul, Pastor Alex, Ronnie, and Hannah went out and began to talk and command ligaments, muscles and strength to come to that young boy’s legs. Afterwards, he got up out of the wheelchair and began walking! He walked for almost a mile with the team. They asked him was the pain gone and he said YES!! The mother was so excited she said please come to my home because my husband has heart problems and needs prayer. They were able to pray for the father too. There were miracles of pain in ears being healed; rashes covering a baby’s face after pray was gone; arthritis, cancer, broken hearts, and more were healed that week on our trip. We have seen a lot of miracles on many mission trips, but this trip was the MOST!! We just Praise God for operating through this team in a MIGHTY WAY!!

Afterschool Programs in Acuna, Mexico:

In Acuna, Mexico, we have 2 afterschool programs with around 150 children in both programs. It is exciting to see how God is blessing the lives of these children in our afterschool programs. Our desire for the children is to bring them to our afterschools after going to public school all day and deprogram them from the things of the world through worship, Bible lessons, prayer, activities that center around Christ, loving the children, blessing them and feeding them a hot meal. Many of these children come from broken homes and most of them are very poor. This year again, thanks to World Victory Church and some of their people buying and organizing over 40 big boxes of supplies, every child in our Afterschool programs received beautiful new backpacks full of school supplies, new clothes, and shoes. Also through our missions, thanks to our partners, we made and gave every child a nice big care package full of toys, hygiene items, T-shirts and more. We want to say a special thanks to Serita and Don for organizing all the products they brought from World Victory Church and the wonderful team of people that came with them. It was just amazing. The children in our afterschool programs were so blessed by the special programs done by our team. Poncho and Katherine did a wonderful job ministering to the children. Plus, a BIG SPECIAL thanks to Pastor Jim that always comes to Acuna, Mexico with us every trip for bringing and dressing up in a full body T-Rex dinosaur costume. When he walked out the children went crazy. They LOVED it!! He danced and had a lot of fun with the children. That is what it is all about, laughing, loving and showing the children that being a Christian is so much FUN!! We are so thankful to the ones of you that are sponsoring these children for $10.00 a month to help us make this program possible. We still have many children in our afterschool programs that need sponsorship. If you are interested in helping with one of our children in Mexico, please let us know. Our goal is to start another new afterschool program in October in Mexico.

Mexico team raises money for 15 passenger Van:

We want to say how thankful we are for this team that went to Mexico with us. Before our trip to Acuna, Mexico every January, we always go to Maranatha Church with Pastor Allen and Ronnie. They have been sponsoring and helping us with missions for around 9 years. The Sunday, before we went to Mexico, we ministered at their church and told them about the need we had of buying a 15 passenger van for our afterschool’s in Mexico. After we shared that Sunday, they gave us a wonderful offering. We are just so grateful for Pastor Allen and his church. We love those guys dearly. Then during our time in Mexico, we shared with the team about us needing a van for the programs. We told them we needed around $6,500-$7000 for the van and how much we had raised so far. It was amazing watching this team of 36 people in a matter of a few minutes raise the rest of the amount needed to buy the van for Mexico. So now over the next week or 2, the 15 passenger van will be bought and ready for our afterschool’s to use every day. A very special thanks to everyone that helped us!!

Awesome Team for Acuna, Mexico:

God put together a tremendous team for this trip. We had a lot of new people on this trip with us and some that had not been for almost 18 years. We were blessed to have my brother and Todd’s father, Mike, and his wife Laurie with us. They had not been to Mexico in almost 18 years. We had a new team from Life of Faith Church with their pastor, Mark Machen. Their group helped to lead worship in Spanish, preached, prayed, and helped with interpreting. It was powerful seeing the presence of God, when they lead worship and preaching the grace message to the people of Acuna, Mexico. We also have a new team member that is traveling with us on most trips named Raul. We are so blessed to have him a part of our team. We had many others that made up this team, that will always be remembered as the team of MIRACLES!!

Construction on our Afterschool Programs:

We appreciate Pastor Jim Harvey and Scott Jolley for having the idea, organizing our team, and providing a lot of the tools to do a day and a half of finishing work on our afterschool programs in Mexico. Our buildings needed finishing work. The team made the classrooms look NEW!! Everyone worked together to frame doors, windows, floors, painted and more. Thanks to Dawn, Wanda and some of the team, we were able to put murals on almost every wall in the classrooms and hallways. Now our buildings look bright and beautiful for the children.

Mexico Afterschool and Philippine’s Feeding Programs:

This month on the enclosed slip, we are raising money for our afterschool programs and Philippine feeding program. Every year around this time, we ask for your help. Our afterschool program and our Philippine feeding program runs us around $3,000 a month. We only take in about $800 a month for these programs. With the money, we take in during this time, we are able to run the programs for the year. The children’s lives are being majorly impacted with the gospel through these programs. Thanks for always going the extra mile to help us.

New School Year in Nicaragua has Started:

We are excited about our new school year that just started in Nicaragua in February. This is our BIGGEST enrollment in the history of our schools. We have over 1400 students in our schools this year. We give God all the Glory!! It is just growing and growing. We will have hundreds of new students that will need sponsorship. Please believe God with us that it will happen quickly. We have been adding a lot of classrooms to our schools, remodeling classrooms, adding shelters between our classrooms, adding bathrooms, adding office space, painting, bringing on new staff members, fixing buses, buying new text books and more, thanks for your help. We could not do this without your continual support!! We are forever grateful to you all!! Right now, we are taking all the students new school pictures and updating their files for the 2017 school year. We will be mailing out new pictures and grade updates to all the sponsors in the next month or two. It takes us a few months to get all this done. We appreciate our United States Staff and Nicaraguan Staff for working so hard on this.

Easter Container has been Shipped:

The Easter container was loaded on February 17th and it shipped on February 22nd. The container was full of Easter Care packages that we made for every student with the donations that came in for the Easter container. New shoes, clothes, school supplies, school desks, new preschool chairs, cabinets, water purifier kits, and more. This container will be for our April mission trip. We are so thankful for your love and help to make this all possible. You are just AMAZING PARTNERS!!

Reaching the Nations,

Darey and Karen Jolley