Dear Mission Friends and Partners,

“Give Thanks unto the Lord, for His mercy endures forever”. It’s hard to believe it is almost Thanksgiving and the year will be over soon. We have so much to be thankful for this year. God’s favor always surrounds us. We are so thankful for our partners and friends. You guys have blessed this ministry beyond any words we can share. It is because of your love and help we are able to touch so many Nations. We are so thankful for God’s unconditional love for us and the people in the Nations we are touching through this mission. God is so FAITHFUL!! We have some wonderful things we want to share with you that happened in October.

Christmas Container–Full and on its way to Nicaragua:

We want to thank everyone who sent in Care boxes for your children for Christmas or request slips with the donation for us to make the care boxes for your children. We made or received 1000’s of care boxes in our mission building to ship to Nicaragua this time. We are so very grateful for your demonstration of love through these gifts for the children you sponsor. We know they will have a wonderful Christmas because of your giving. We were also able to ship down new shoes, new clothes, toy gift bags for community children, special gift bags for our Xiloa feeding program, school supplies for our schools, dental supplies for our clinics, 1100 backpacks, cleaning supplies and more. The container was totally FULL! We could not do all this without your gifts of love. We want to personally say thanks to all our staff and volunteers for working so hard to get all the boxes ready to ship. It takes us over 3 months to get everything ready to ship for our Christmas container with our staff working overtime and 100’s of volunteers coming out faithfully. It is a BIG Task!! But we are so happy to be able to bless 1000’s and 1000’s of children’s lives.

Christmas for the other Nations we work in:

Right now, we are working on more Christmas gifts, shoes, clothes, school supplies and more for Mexico, Jamaica, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Africa and this year for the Native Americans in Wyoming. We are so excited to be able to help so many other Nations. God has blessed us so much and we want to bless as many Nations as the Lord puts on our hearts to do. God has opened a lot of new doors over the past few years and months.

Building of our First Home in the Philippines:

We are so excited to share with you about us building our first home in the Philippines for a NEEDY family. We built a mission home for our missionary, Moses almost 2 years ago, but this is the first home we have built for a family living in a shack. One of our partners had asked us about helping a poor child in the Philippines on a monthly basis, so we talked to Moses our missionary about this. He told us about a little girl and her family that are in great need. We told the partner who asked about helping a child in need there about the little girl. Then we found out how bad the family was living. Thanks to other partners who gave to build a home, we were able to build them a new small home like we do in Nicaragua. They were overwhelmed with JOY!! Moses did a great job buying the materials and organizing the home to be built. So now because of Joanne, Dick and Linda this Miracle took place in the Philippines. Thanks for going the extra mile. Moses was so excited about doing his first home for a needy family. He told me, “I have another family close to me that needs a home so bad.” I told him “be patient and let’s believe God that we can do another one in the Philippines for this other family”. We were able to build this home in the Philippines for the same amount of money we build them for in Nicaragua; which is $4800-$5000. The homes are so life changing for these families receiving them.

Update on Homes being Built in Nicaragua:

We just finished 2 more homes in Nicaragua and we are starting another one this week. God has been blessing us so much for us to be able to build these small homes for poor people living in shacks. It is so awesome to see the faces of the people receiving the homes. They go from dirt floors, no windows, the shack leaking from so much rain, no bathroom, no electricity, to a home with cement floors, windows, 2 doors, a great roof that doesn’t leak, an indoor bathroom with a shower and electricity. It is a DREAM come true for them. Thanks to so many of you for giving to make this possible. We still have around 14 homes to build. We Praise God for this.

Update on the Ometepe School Project:

We want to thank you that in the past 3 weeks from the last newsletter, we have raised almost $10,000.00 of the needed $30,000.00 for building a second floor on our Ometepe school with new classrooms plus remodeling our old classrooms. It is going great. This month on the enclosed slip, we have put the Ometepe School Project again. We believe God to raise the other amount needed over the next 1-2 months. We appreciate your help for this so very much. The Lord put on my heart to bless our partners back with a gift. So anyone who gives $25.00 or more this month we want to send you our daughter, Lisa and her husband BJs’, new EP worship CD. It is a short CD but Powerful!! They have helped to lead worship at some of the meetings with Andrew Wommack; we know you will enjoy the Worship CD. Thanks for your love to help us get our Ometepe School Project finished so we can bless more children to go to a great Christian School.

Minister’s Meeting with Andrew Wommack and “The Inside Story”:

In October, we were blessed to go to the Minister’s Conference in Woodland Park, Colorado with Andrew Wommack. We have been going for a long time. It is always a blessing to hear so much Word. This time, we were asked to do what Andrew’s ministry calls “The Inside Story”. The Inside Story’s are interviews he does with different peoples testimonies. You can watch these stories on his website at It was such an honor that Darey and I were asked to do a story and interview about Ambassadors to the Nations. It was the first live Inside Story they have ever done where people could be in the audience listening. We had to get MAKEUP on to be on TV. That was crazy for us. We were all laughing so much. Then on the stage with Andrew, we sat and he asked us questions about our missions. We talked about how we have known Andrew for 30 years and how he started helping our missions. It was so AWESOME!! We believe it will be ready to see on Andrew’s website sometime in November. Be sure to look for it when you go to his website. Andrew told us because of all the people that go to his website that we should pick up a lot of support for the children’s sponsorship program. We talked about that too and they are putting our website at the bottom of the Inside Story .We believe God for a great increase to help more children in our schools in Nicaragua. God is doing so much for us to get the word out about our schools and sponsorship program. We want to say a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Andrew Wommack for this great opportunity and the love he always shows us. We love him and Jamie dearly.

Special Visit of our Pastor From Nicaragua:

We were so blessed and honored to have Pastor Daniel our main pastor in Nicaragua come to Charlotte, NC to visit us. He got to preach in 3 different churches. He was invited to go to Washington DC to meet with the Ambassadors of Israel and other leaders. He said that was amazing. He also had to go to Miami for government meetings. Pastor Daniel works for the government of Nicaragua so he has to travel a lot. God has been blessing him so much. Because he was in the USA he was able to come and preach at Freedom Christian Center of Charlotte and Gastonia and The Finish Line Church. It was really special the time we had with him. Pastor Daniel believes God to build a nice home in Nicaragua for he and his wife soon. He has been living in government apartments for a long time. So we want him to have a home that he can retire in later in life. When he comes and raises money, he has been saving it to help with his home. We hope to start building it next year as the money comes in. This will be his and his wife’s first real home of their own. We are looking forward to that blessing in his life. He has been faithful to help oversee our work in Nicaragua for over 22 years. We were also able to take Pastor Daniel out to eat a lot and to the lake for a boat ride. We are so grateful to Al and Angie for inviting him to come see their home and ride the boat. He said “I thought I was in heaven”. It was such a nice time. Thanks to everyone who helped to make his time in the North Carolina area so much FUN for him. He was beyond GRATEFUL!!

Acuna, Mexico Afterschool Programs and New Sponsorship Program:

We told you in other newsletters about our new afterschool program in Acuna, Mexico, the first one we started almost 3 years now. We are so thrilled about what God is doing in our ministry in Acuna, Mexico. Now we are ministering to around 130 children daily; teaching them the word, doing worship, having special activities and more. We started getting the children in our afterschool sponsored for $10.00 a month. It is going well. We still have more children that need help. We wanted to let everyone know that sponsors children in Acuna, Mexico that we will be shipping special Christmas gifts, shoes, clothes, school supplies, etc. in November. We sent out a separate letter to all the people that sponsor children in Acuna, Mexico about the Christmas care packages. So, just a reminder that if you sponsor children in Mexico, if you want to send a Christmas gift to your child or give for us to make it for your child, please be sure to do that by or before November 30th. We are so grateful for all your continual love and support for the children.

We pray that you have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!! We are so thankful for all your loving hearts to help us reach the Nations. Thank God, He never forgets our labors of love. We want you to know that we love you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Reaching the Nations,