Dear Mission Supporters and Friends:

I woke up this morning and felt the need to pray for our partners like neve r before. The Lord put on my heart to pray for an abundance of health, strength and prosperity over your lives. We thank the Lord always for your hearts of love to give to bless the Nations. It is because of God touching your hearts to help us, that we are able to do so much. We know that the favor of the Lord surrounds you like a shield.

Special thanks to Foundations of Faith church:

We were so blessed to go to Foundations of Faith Church with Pastor Larry Romero to give a mission’s update and to share the Word of God. We go there every year and they are such a tremendous blessing to us. We were able to show them some of the new completed projects and then share about our newest project in San Francisco, Nicaragua. Darey preached on the woman who poured the alabaster box of perfume on Jesus. It was powerful. The church had collected all kinds of items for our missions (school supplies, new stuffed animals, backpacks, tools, etc.). Then they sponsored more children and gave us a great offering for our new project in Nicaragua. We are so grateful to them for their love and faithfulness for a long time now. Love you guys

Annual Camp Meeting with Andrew Wommack at Freedom Christian Center:

This year was our 31st annual camp meeting at our home church, Freedom Christian Center in Charlotte, NC. We have been hosting this meeting with Andrew for a long time and it is the highlight of our lives and our Church. Pastor Dean, our senior pastor, invited Andrew 31 years ago to come and do these meetings and he has been coming ever since. That is so AMAZING!! It is such an HONOR to have him come and share for a week at our outdoor meeting under a large pavilion. He shared on “magnify the cross instead of your loss”. It was a powerful Word. We saw around 12 people receive Jesus and around 110 people filled with the Holy Spirit. There were tons of people healed too. On Monday night, bad weather tried to come through but we prayed and it was nothing like they had said it was going to be. We know it was God. We were able to have the meetings the whole time. We had people from all over the United States and several different countries. If you have never been to the camp meeting with Andrew Wommack at our home church, you need to plan to come next September.

Mission’s Events at Camp Meeting with Andrew Wommack:

We are so blessed that every year at camp meeting, Andrew has us come up front and share about our children’s sponsorship program for our schools in Nicaragua. After we shared, we had over 60 children sponsored and we received $4800 to build a home. We received a $5000 check to help with the water well at our new feeding program in San Francisco, Nicaragua that we will be sharing with you in this newsletter. Also, this is not including all the other offerings we received. It was a tremendous week. During the camp meeting for the past 15 years, we have held a mission’s golf tournament that Andrew Wommack plays in with us. This year was a great success. We raised over $5000 to help with the well too. We are so thankful to all the sponsors and players. It was a lot of FUN! During the day time of camp meeting, some of our partners come to our mission building to volunteer packing toy gift bags, making hygiene bags, wrapping gifts and more. It is amazing all the work they do those few days. We are so blessed by them. We appreciate the ones that come every year to help us.

Birthday Gifts in Nicaragua Delivered:

We are excited to let everyone know that the birthday gifts have been given out to all the children and youth at our schools and feeding programs. The birthday container was not released during our mission trip in August, so our Nicaraguan staff was the ones who had to do all the giving of the gifts. They said the children were so happy and thankful. They sent us videos and pictures of the children receiving the gifts. Seeing the joy on these children’s faces, says it all. We appreciate you partners for always going the extra mile for these precious children.

Christmas Care boxes:

By the time you get this newsletter, the Christmas container will be on its way to Nicaragua. That container was so, so FULL! We will be able to bless the children so much during our trip at Christmas, thanks to your love and faithfulness. We were able to ship new shoes, school supplies, backpacks, paper products and more in the container with all the 1000’s and 1000’s of care boxes and toy gift bags. If you did not get your donation in for your care box for your child(ren) and you wanted too, you can still send it in. We made care boxes to cover every child. You guys are the BEST partners!! Thanks so much!!

Hurricane Relief for Texas and some of the Caribbean Islands:

Our hearts are broken by all the damage the hurricanes did over the past few weeks. With the help of 2 Charis Bible graduates, that are partners and some missionaries we work with, we have been able to help people in Texas and the Caribbean Islands. We sent money to Pastor Alex in Houston to help buy needed items for individual families and people at evacuation centers. Then with Sam and Connie they sent us a container pod to fill with products to ship to Texas. They are taking a team to Houston to help distribute the items in October. We are sending 3 of our team members to help. Then with Jimbo we have shipped needed items for him to fly in his small aircraft to some of the islands. Plus helping with money for fuel for his plane. We appreciate the ones of you that heard about it on Facebook and helped us with this. If you have a desire to help with this, you can still send an offering. We still will be helping more over the next month or so. We are so thankful for all the love and support to help people in need during these difficult times.

New Project in San Francisco, Nicaragua:

In some of our last newsletters, we have talked some about our new project we are doing in San Francisco, Nicaragua. We were so blessed that Living Word church with Pastor Bob Lindsey raised $12,700.00 for this project and presented us the check in Nicaragua. We were overwhelmed by their love. Our plans at first was to make this a feeding station only where we teach the children the word and feed them a hot meal. However, we were able to buy over 2 acres of land to build a really nice facility , so later we can have a Christian school. We need to build a water well because there is no water around the area. Thank God, we have raised $12,000.00 already for the well. Since we are building the facility for our future programs, we will need to raise about $15,000.00 more for the buildings. Right now, when the first phase of the buildings is completed, we will begin the feeding and teaching station. This area of Nicaragua, they receive very little help and really no missionaries go there. They have been so excited to see us starting a work in their city. We know God has great plans for these precious people. We appreciate your continual support of all we are doing to help change the lives of the people.

Update on our Schools in Nicaragua:

During the month of September, all our schools engage in marching events with other schools. It is a big thing in Central America. Our students looked so good in their outfits and they represented Christ so well. We are so proud of them. It’s hard to believe that our school year in Nicaragua will come to an end in November. Our seniors will be graduating in about 2 months. Remember if you sponsor a young person in the 11th grade, they will be graduating. That is the grade they graduate in Nicaragua. We are just so blessed that we get to impact the lives of the children and young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, thanks to your help. We can never say thank you enough. We love you so much.

Reaching the nations,

Darey and Karen Jolley