Dear Mission Supporters and Friends:

We just got home from Nicaragua with a team of 55 people. It was an AMAZING time!! We are so blessed to have so many wonderful partners that go with us every August and December to Nicaragua. They come with so much enthusiasm. They love our missions and Nicaragua so much, that they come so prepared to give, serve, work hard, preach, pray and anything asked of them. They are always asking us, what can we do next. Over the past 3 months, since our last trip to Nicaragua, we have done a lot of projects and are adding some new things to our ministry. We want to share all these exciting things with you.

New Shelter/Roof at our Las Maderas School:

At our School in Las Maderas, our classrooms run parallel to each other. The middle is an open area for when the children walk between the classrooms. We have wanted to put a shelter/roof between the classrooms for a while. Well thanks to some wonderful partners for giving, this was made possible. This has been a big need for our school for the past few years, because in Nicaragua it rains for 6 months out of the year almost every day and it is hot every day. The shelter/roof looks so AWESOME!! When we saw it, all we kept saying was, “WOW, WOW, WOW”!! It looks like a stadium. It is 10 degrees cooler under the roof. It is such a HUGE blessing for our school to have this. We are forever grateful!! **Please see picture*

New Feeding Program in San Francisco, Nicaragua:

In March and April, we shared in the newsletter about us going to a new area called San Francisco, Nicaragua. It is about 1 hour from our school in Las Maderas. The people told us they never see missionaries or help in this area. It is a very poor area with a lot of needs. After we went the second time, we felt in our hearts that God wanted us to plant a program there for the children and their parents. After we mentioned it in the newsletter that we may start working there, some of our partners started calling or emailing us that they wanted to help. We began to receive a few donations to help. Then a church, that some of their people and pastor go to Nicaragua with us every August, called and said, “this year, we want to raise money for a BIG project”. We knew this was God!! During our trip, Pastor Bob from Living Word Church presented us with a check for $12,720.00. We shared with them, that this would enable us to buy the land and do a lot of the buildings and bathrooms. The great thing is that we were able to send some money before the trip to surprise them that we had bought the land and started. Everyone was so thrilled to see this BIG piece of land; almost 2 acres with the building going up. The only thing is that the land doesn’t have water. We will have to put a well on the land, which will cost us around $10,000. Then, Pastor Daniel said, that his heart is to build a Christian school on the land later. This would be a MIRACLE for that area. We trust God that if this is what God has planned for us and the people, it will come to pass.

Charlie and Jill LeBlanc from Andrew Wommack Ministries in Nicaragua with us:

We were so blessed that after knowing Charlie and Jill LeBlanc for over 11 years, because of us traveling with Andrew Wommack to the Gospel Truth Seminar meetings in the USA, that they went to Nicaragua with us. They have been sponsoring children and helping us for as long as we have known them. We got to do a special concert at our main church in Managua, Nicaragua. Charlie and Jill had worked on their songs in Spanish to minister to the people. The people worshipped and danced for over an hour as they lead us to the throne of God. They did a great job singing in Spanish. Then the youth team from Finish Line Church did a beautiful dance and our staff did an awesome drama. Then we had a very special partner, minister the Word to us, Sam Rogers. He taught the people that “God has qualified us, through His son, Jesus”. It was so powerful!! Then his wife, Connie sang in Spanish as we prayed for almost 100 people. The presence of God was so strong. It was truly a night to remember forever!!

Pastors/Leaders Meeting at our Church in Las Maderas:

This was the first time ever, that we held a pastors/leader’s meeting at our Church in Las Maderas, Nicaragua. We rented a bus to bring pastors and their leaders from some of the nearby cities. It was a great turn out with about 75 -100 people that came to be a part of this meeting. We were so blessed to have Pastor Bob, Pastor Shannon and Pastor Alex take turns ministering the Word to them. Also, we had Charlie and Jill lead the worship for the meeting. The pastors loved it. They were so thrilled that we chose to have a Pastors/leader’s meeting near them. The Pastors from the USA did a wonderful job encouraging them, praying for them, loving on them, and blessing them. Charlie and Jill brought their CD’s to bless all the pastor/leaders FREE!! We appreciate that so much. We also prepared a hot meal to bless the people for coming. We thank God for pastors that come with us, that have a heart to encourage other pastors/leaders in the unconditional love message.

Powerful Ministry Times at all our Schools:

We have 3 Christian Schools that we have built from the ground up, 1 Christian School that we help sponsor and 1 public school that we support in Nicaragua. We went to all 5 schools with the team to share the Word and love on the children. It is always the highlight of our trip to spend time at all our schools. This trip, we were to celebrate their birthdays all at one time with the care packages and boxes provided by their sponsors. Well this time the container never got released. All the paper work for the container to clear customs had been completed but we just could not get it released. We are not really sure why; we are believing God over the next week or so, our Pastor, Daniel Ortega, that runs our schools and programs for us will get the container out, so all the children can receive their Birthday gifts. We know it will happen. We will share the pictures on Facebook and in next month’s newsletter of the children with their gifts after they receive them. We are sorry that this happened. It was a little disappointing to the team but God had us there to see the students receive the Word. Some of our team shared with the middle school and high school youth at our schools and it was powerful! Some of our students received the Holy Spirit, some were healed, others freed from depression and more. That was the MOST IMPORTANT thing, even though we love blessing them with gifts. We know that God’s Word is changing these children. The elementary students, at our Las Maderas School shared with us, what they have been studying from the Bible curriculum that we sent them. It was precious to hear all they are learning. Also, our High School students are using 3 of Andrew Wommack’s study guides in Spanish for their Bible studies. We are REALLY excited about that.

New Dental/Medical Clinic on the Island of Ometepe:

We are blessed to have another Dental/Medical Clinic, thanks to River of Life Church, Dr. Tom, Ronnie G., and Kenny and Debbie. They raised the money for the new clinic at our school on the Island of Ometepe. It looks great and some of the team (Brenda, Stacey, and Debbie) with Dr. Tom organized and set the clinic up better. We have a lot more equipment coming on the container we are waiting on to be released. The Dental team can pull and clean teeth now. After everything is set up, they will be able to fill teeth too. Now we have 2 dental/medical clinics at 2 of our schools, Las Maderas and Ometepe that have their own facilities. At our Managua School, we are able to set the clinic up in Pastor Daniel’s office. We pray that one day to have dental/medical clinics at our feeding stations too. It is a great blessing to the people. We are able to treat them for FREE, plus pray with them. We are so grateful to Reynold’s Marble Company for sponsoring our Medical Clinic for many years to buy the medicine and pay Dr. Ivania, our Nicaraguan Doctor for working with us. We are helping a lot of people. We are believing God for more Dental Hygienist’s or Dentist’s to go with us to help during our trips.

Christmas Care boxes for Nicaragua or Mexico Due:

We appreciate all the slips with the donations coming in for us to make the Christmas care boxes for the children in Nicaragua and Mexico. We are now starting to get a few care boxes that are made by the sponsors coming in. We are so thankful for you going the extra mile to bless the children. We just want to remind you that all care boxes, if you choose to participate, or request slips with the donations for us to make them are due no later than September 24th, 2017. We want to ship early so we have no problems getting the container released by or before our Christmas trip on December 21st-28th. Also with Mexico, we want to ship early to avoid problems too. If you are planning to go with us at Christmas, please remember you must contact Todd Melton, Director of Operations and put down a $100.00 deposit to secure your spot. We will fill up fast!! Christmas is always such an amazing trip.

From our Hearts:

We want to personally thank you all for what you do for us to touch the lives of so many people. The first part of August, we were with Pastor Obed Pena in Chicago and with Andrew Wommack at the GTS meetings. We were blessed beyond any words we can describe to you. We just want everyone to know all of this is not possible WITHOUT YOU!! We are grateful every month for your continual support. We hope some of you get to come to our Annual Camp Meeting in Charlotte, NC with Andrew Wommack from September 10th-15th, 2017. On September 13th, we have our Annual Golf Tournament. We still need players and sponsors. ALL the money raised will go to the WELL project at our new feeding program. Love you dearly!!

Reaching the Nations,

Darey and Karen Jolley