September 2018

Dear Mission Supporters and Friends:

When we say we are Weak, God says we are STRONG:

I want to start this newsletter off sharing a little from our hearts of our personal lives.  Normally we only share what is going in missions and our travels to raise mission support.  At times in our lives, everyone goes through difficulties and hardships.  I have never shared in a newsletter to our partners about things in our lives that Darey and I have been up against.  We have stood on God’s word and will continue to stand and believe but I felt to share this so you will pray the more for us.  It was almost 24 years ago, that I got sick and was told that I have an autoimmune disease.  It hit us in the beginning of our missions and has been very difficult on us. God has been faithful to help me but I still feel symptoms everyday.   We know God’s word and have had many people to pray for me.  Thank God I have God with me to give me strength to do all we do.  Well a little over a year ago, Darey who has been the Rock of Strength and health woke up one morning with a nose bleed and felt sick.  We had to take him to the hospital and was told he had some sugar issues in his blood.  After that he started to fight feelings of anxiety to the point he could not preach or be in front of people.  He had never been sick or felt this in his life.  He spends hours in the Word and is fighting through it.  He was starting to feel better and stronger, then on August 14, one of the saddest and hardest days for us happened.  Our little boy dog, Doogin, that was the most precious dog and buddy to Darey and I passed away.  Doogin had been having soon issues but we had no idea that he was going no to pass away.  When we were at home, him and Lucy, our girl dog, went and did everything with us.  So this has been a set back for us.  We have cried a lot these last weeks.  Due to all this, we have had to remind ourselves that WHEN WE SAY WE ARE WEAK, GOD SAYS WE ARE STRONG!!  We have had days these last months of just having to make ourselves go and do.  We write this to let you know that if you are going through things in your life you don’t have to be a SHAME or feel you are not in FAITH!!  The main thing Darey and I have come to know, that no matter what, GOD LOVES US and HE LOVES YOU!!  We had a dear friend tell us, “What you don’t understand, leave it to God”. So that is what we are doing and thanking HIM for being a GOOD, GOOD FATHER!!  Thanks for the love you have for us and our missions!!!  We are thankful we don’t have to travel again until December and have months to rest and get stronger than ever in the Lord. We may be a little down, but we are not OUT!!  God says, WE ARE STRONG!! We hope by us sharing this, it will help others that are going through things.

Since we could not go to Nicaragua, Pastor Daniel came to Us:

Our scheduled mission trip on August 3rd was cancelled due to the unrest that had been going on in Nicaragua for the past 3 months.  We are so excited to let you know that things are going great in Nicaragua and we have a big team going with us in December.  We are so glad things are peaceful.  Even though we could not go to Nicaragua, God blessed us and send Pastor Daniel, our main pastor, in Nicaragua to come to minister in North Carolina for 2 weekends.  He preached at our home church in Charlotte, NC, Freedom Christian Center.  It was powerful!  Plus he showed a video of the children in our schools and feeding programs receiving their Easter gifts and food bags.  Then Pastor Daniel went to Living Word Church with Pastor Bob Lindsey to minster.  Pastor Bob always brings a team to Nicaragua in August and loves Nicaragua.  They have helped us so much with projects and collecting items for the containers.  We love and appreciate them so much.  We had a wonderful time with Pastor Daniel.  He is such a blessing and great leader over our mission in Nicaragua.  We love him dearly.

San Francisco, Nicaragua School Project Update:

We have pictures of all the work going on at our San Francisco, Nicaragua new school project on the picture page.  You can see the security wall going around the whole property.It is huge and nice. Plus the septic tank is going in for the whole property.  We just sent $5500.00 for the medal doors, toilets, pipes and other materials, so that work can be done.  Then we had to buy a few other things for the water well.  We just received $5000.00 a few weeks ago toward the project, which will enable us to continue on the next things needed.  Every time, we have had to pay for the next phase, God has sent a gift in SUPERNATURALLY!!  This whole project has really been SUPERNATURAL!! Which we are so grateful!!

Other School Projects in Nicaragua:

We want to share with you some of the other projects we are working on at our other schools in Nicaragua.  At our Las Maderas School, we are having to remodel one of our buildings that was built about 20 years ago.  Over the years with storms, earthquakes and just wear and tear, that building has just gotten a little run down.  We are fixing the damage, painting and redoing the bathroom. Then at our Ometepe School, we are working on the new upstairs where we are starting the Trade School for the High school students and graduates.  We are buying more things for the Beauty Salon school, the Computer classes and the English classes.  We are putting iron doors on all the classrooms for better security.  Then at our Ometepe school, we are working on all the remodeling of our preschool classroom with new ceramic floors, new fans, etc.  After this is finished all the preschool classrooms will be totally remodeled. Then we have 3 more classrooms at Ometepe, that we are putting in drop ceilings, new fans, new electrical work and painting.  That way every classroom at Ometepe will be completely remodeled. The schools will look new again.  Thanks Partners for your love and continual support to make this all possible.  YOU ARE THE BEST!!

Christmas Care gifts for Nicaragua–Due September 24th:

You ONLY have the month of September to get your Christmas care boxes in or the request slip with your donation to make them for you to us.  The due date is September 24th. We appreciate you giving to bless the child(ren) you sponsor. This will help to make their Christmas extra special for all the children and their families after all they have been through with the political unrest.  The children will be receiving their Birthday care gifts within the next weeks.  Due to the past unrest in the country, the containers are behind being released.  But we know God is faithful and we will get ours very soon.

New AfterSchool in The Philippines and Our Mexico AfterSchools:

Our new AfterSchool in the Philippines is up and running great.  We have around 60 children that attend faithfully.  They are hearing the grace message, receiving a hot meal, doing crafts, playing games and being loved on by our staff.  Moses, our missionary is doing a great job.  This past week, the children received their new AfterSchool t-shirts, their backpacks and school supplies.  They were some happy, happy children!!  Our 3 AfterSchools in Acuna, Mexico will be opening up in about another week.  They have been on break for the past month or so.  The staff have been busy cleaning and getting everything ready for the new school year.  We have already shipped all the new backpacks, school supplies and materials to be ready for the opening day.  Thanks for all the EXTRA finances that came in to help with these programs.  These AfterSchools are helping to change the lives of almost 300 children with the love of Jesus.

Ministry to a Indian Reservation in Arizona:

God blessed us to meet a new couple through Andrew Wommack’s Ministry at the Summer Family Conference that are ministering to their own people, The Navajos, in Arizona.  They have a heart to share the grace and unconditional love message to The Navajos.  We were able to send new shoes, backpacks and school supplies for their back to school event. We will be sending more for a special event they are having September 20-22 for the people.  We speak blessings to Earl and Irene and the work they are doing for their people.

Upcoming Events:

Don’t forget about our upcoming 33rd Annual Camp meeting at Freedom Christian Center in Charlotte, NC with Andrew Wommack on September 16-21.  Then on September 19th is our annual Ambassadors to the Nations golf Tournament. We still need players and sponsors for the hole/tees.  All the information is on our website.  Plus we doing great on the Orlando Trip mission fundraiser.  You can call the office to buy tickets or for more information. We are doing all these Fundraisers to help our New School project in San Francisco, Nicaragua.  Thanks for your love, prayers and giving so we can see the lives of people changed spiritually and physically.  We just love, love, love being able to do all this for GOD!!  What an HONOR!!

Reaching the Nations,